3-10 August 2016
Chicago IL USA
US/Central timezone
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Gamma-ray signal from Dark Matter Annihilation mediated by mixing slepton

Aug 8, 2016, 6:30 PM
Riverwalk A/B

Riverwalk A/B

Poster Astro-particle Physics and Cosmology Poster Session


Mr Fei Teng (University of Utah)


In order to reconcile the tension between the collider SUSY particle search and the dark matter relic density constraint, we free ourselves from the simplest CMSSM model and find a large parameter space in which a sub-TeV bino dark matter may comply with all the current experimental constraints. In this so-called incredible bulk region, sleptons have a nonzero mixing angle while the dominant dark matter annihilation product is lepton-anti-lepton pair. We have explored this alternative and studied the resultant monochromatic gamma-ray signal produced by the $\gamma\gamma$ and $\gamma Z$ final state on top of the continuous internal bremsstrahlung signal. The spectrum will give some indications to the mixing angle and CP-violation phase of the slepton sector. Future ground-based and satellite-based experiments will reach the sensitivity of $10^{-29}\text{cm}^{3}/\text{s}$ for dark matter annihilation cross section and a 1% energy resolution at $\sim 100$GeV will be able to detect our proposed signal through a cut-off analysis.

Primary author

Mr Fei Teng (University of Utah)


Jason Kumar (University of Hawaii) Prof. Pearl Sandick (University of utah) Mr Takahiro Yamamoto (University of Utah)

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