Future Projects Planning Workshop 2015



1039 Regional Road 24 Lively, ON P3Y 1N2
Samantha Kuula (SNOLAB)
The objective of the Future Planning workshop is to provide SNOLAB with a road-map of potential large scale projects that may require its experimental areas on a five to ten year timescale. It is understood that projects will be at various stages of development, and this is not a final selection meeting. Following discussion with the Experiment Advisory Committee, SNOLAB resources could be made available on request to potential projects, to help develop plans and determine suitability and achievability.
  • Bob Svoboda
  • Brian Morissette
  • Christopher O'Shaughnessy
  • Christopher Thome
  • Fraser Duncan
  • Gilles Gerbier
  • Giorgio Gratta
  • Kai Zuber
  • Mark Boulay
  • Mark Boulay
  • Masayuki Wada
  • Matthew Busch
  • Matthew Green
  • Michael Crisler
  • Nigel Smith
  • Richard Ford
  • Samantha Kuula
  • Sean Paling
  • Thomas Merritt
  • Tony Noble
  • William Fairbank