7-8 January 2016
Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo
Japan timezone

How to reach us

The workshop will be held at Earthquake Research Institute(ERI).


Access by trains

There are many routes to access ERI. You may search available trains at this website.

The station name for Narita airport is "Narita-Airport".
The stations close by ERI are "Todaimae" and "Nezu".

From Narita Airport:

  • Take SkyLiner to Nippori station. Use JR-Yamanote Line from Nippori to Komagome. Todaimae station is the second stop from Komagome with Tokyo Metro Nanboku-Line.
  • Take JR Narita Express to Tokyo station. Use Tokyo Metro Marunouchi-Line from Tokyo to Kourakuen, and change trains to Nanboku-Line. The Todaimae station is the next stop from Kourakuen.

From Haneda Airport:

  1. Take Keikyu-Line to go to Shinagawa Station or use Tokyo-Monorail to go to Hamamatsucho Station.
  2. Use JR Yamanote Line to Komagome.
  3. Use Tokyo Metro Nanboku-Line from Komagome to Todaimae.

By Taxi

From Narita Airport, take SkyLiner to Nippori station. Take taxi from Nippori to ERI (15~20min.)