1st Neutrino Oscillation Tomography Workshop

Building 2, 2F, 2nd lecture room (Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo)

Building 2, 2F, 2nd lecture room

Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo

1-1-1 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo JAPAN

The 1st International workshop for neutrino oscillation tomography will take place in Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo, from Jan. 7th to Jan. 8th 2016. This workshop will focus on development of application of neutrino science to geoscience, especially to the measurement of chemical composition of the Earth’s outer core. Experts of geochemistry and neutrino physics will gather to exchange recent progresses of each field and discuss about application of neutrino spectrometry using the next-generation large-volume neutrino detectors.

For Speakers:
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Because the meeting will be held in the end of Japanese New Year Holiday season, hotels may be full soon. Please reserve your accommodation as soon as possible. Most hotels allow cancel for free until a few days before the first night.

  • Akimichi Taketa
  • Carsten Rott
  • chikako fujimoto
  • Eiji Ohtani
  • Fabio Mantovani
  • Hide-Kazu TANAKA
  • Hiroko Watanabe
  • Hiroyuki Kagi
  • Hisayoshi Shimizu
  • Jiro Arafune
  • JongHyun Kim
  • Katsuya Yamazaki
  • Kotoyo Hoshina
  • Masahiro Kobayashi
  • Nozomu TAKEUCHI
  • Olga Suvorova
  • Roger Wendell
  • Salvatore Galatà
  • Shuhei Okubo
  • Shun'ichi Nakai
  • Taku Tsuchiya
  • William McDonough
  • Woosik Kang