3-7 November 2015
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Superconducting systems in medicine

6 Nov 2015, 09:55


Krzysztof MALINOWSKI (Facult of Mechanical Engineering)


In present time there are lot of devices based on strong magnetic field. Creation of strong magnetic field is possible thanks to superconductors which more often are replacing classic electromagnets. Strong magnetic fields are used in medical diagnostics and testing such as nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Construction of NMR device and picture formation. Next application of strong magnetic fields in medicine is hadrontherapy. Theoretical principle of the method, construction of the devices for hadron therapy was presented. Comparison of the hadrontherapy with other radiotherapies was presented. In this presentation I'm going to talk about application of superconducting systems in medicine.

Primary author

Krzysztof MALINOWSKI (Facult of Mechanical Engineering)

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