3-7 November 2015
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Status of the NICA project

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Vladimir Kekelidze (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU))


The project NICA (Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAcility) is aimed to study hot and dense baryonic matter in heavy ion collisions in the energy range up to √s_NN = 11 GeV, and to study nucleon spin structure in polarized proton and deuteron collisions in the energy range up to √s_NN = 27 GeV. The heavy ion program will be performed at the Nuclotron extracted beams with the BM@N (Baryonic Matter at Nuclotron) set-up and with the MPD (MultiPurpose Detector) at the NICA collider with the average luminosity of L = 1⋅10^27 cm−2⋅s−1 (for 197Au^79). The spin physics will be studied with the SPD (Spin Physics Detector) at the NICA collider. The present status of the project is presented.

Primary author

Vladimir Kekelidze (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU))


Alexander Kovalenko (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research) Prof. Alexander Sorin (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU)) Grigory Trubnikov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna) Igor Meshkov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR)) Richard Lednicky (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia) Viktor Matveev (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU))

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