27 August 2017 to 1 September 2017
RAI Congress Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

Advanced tube type Nb3Sn conductor and its applications in Hyper Tech

31 Aug 2017, 09:00
Emerald Room

Emerald Room

Regular 15 minutes Oral Presentation F1 - Low-Tc Wires and Cables Thu-Mo-Or30


Xuan Peng (Hyper Tech Research Inc.)


Tube type Nb3Sn conductor has been being explored by Hyper Tech Research Inc. Our standard conductor with 217 filament arrays have been generated with 12 T non-Cu Jc values of about 2400-2500 A/mm2 with filament size of 40 micros at the 0.85 mm strand. We also made 547 filament conductor which has filament size of 25 micros at the 0.85 mm strand without any drawing issue. This conductor exhibited no fabrication problems and was drawn down and tested at a small diameter wire. The standard strand has been successfully applied on the fabrication of helical and planar undulator, both of which reach the fields that are expected in the ILC and Light source industry. It has also been tried in small magnet and the related information will be presented. We are working to improve the non-Cu Jc further by creating artificial pinning centers in the strand which will be presented in this paper.

Submitters Country USA

Primary authors

Xuan Peng (Hyper Tech Research Inc.) Matt Rindfleisch (Hyper Tech Research) Michael Tomsic (Hyper Tech Research Inc.) Xingchen Xu (Fermi National Accelerator Lab) JACOB ROCHESTER (The Ohio State University) Mike Sumption (The Ohio State University)

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