2-6 February 2009
Europe/Zurich timezone
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What else did we learn?

2 Feb 2009, 12:50
Le Majestic (Chamonix)

Le Majestic



Mirko Pojer


Differently from its definition, the Hardware Commissioning has required a massive support of Software applications, which had in turn to be commissioned. Apart the control applications and the communication systems, special software tools had to be developed to rapidly and smoothly allow a safe circuit commissioning (sequencer, post-mortem, circuit commissioning status,...). The first part of this talk will provide an overview of these instruments, focusing on their importance during circuit test and the experience gained on them. The second part will be devoted to the analysis of some "puzzlying and annoying" hardware problems that slowed down the commissioning and will possibly limit our test rate in 2009.

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Mirko Pojer

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