28th FCAL Collaboration workshop

from Monday, 21 March 2016 (08:00) to Tuesday, 22 March 2016 (19:00)

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21 Mar 2016
22 Mar 2016
09:00 --- Registration ---
Opening session - Wolfgang Lohmann (DESY) (until 12:00) (DMS)
10:00 Introduction - Vadim Bednyakov (Unknown) Vadim Bednyakov (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU))   (DMS)
10:10 Status of ILC - Wolfgang Lohmann (DESY)   (DMS)
10:35 Status of CLIC - Lucie Linssen (CERN)   (DMS)
11:00 Physics at CLIC and other future colliders - Igor Boyko (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU))   (DMS)
11:20 Report from Clustering WG - Oleksandr Borysov (Tel Aviv University (IL))   (DMS)
11:40 Report from Hardware WG - Marek Idzik (AGH University of Science and Technology (PL))   (DMS)
09:00 On the precision of Bhabha scattering description - Andrey Arbuzov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR)) Andrey Arbuzov (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU))   (DMS)
09:20 LHCal study. Particle identification. - Maryna Lazorenko   (DMS)
Test-beam Results (until 11:15) (DMS)
09:35 TB14 Moliere radius - Itamar Levy (Tel Aviv University (IL)) itamar levy   (DMS)
09:55 Resolving differences in the simulation of TB 2014 - Strahinja Lukic (University of Belgrade (RS)) Strahinja Lukic (University of Belgrade (RS))   (DMS)
10:15 Study of Geant4 EM Physics List for the 2014 test beam - Alina Tania Neagu (Instuture of Space Science)   (DMS)
10:35 Calibration of TB2015 LumiCal System - Itamar Levy (Tel Aviv University (IL)) itamar levy   (DMS)
10:55 HV scan - first results of the analysis of the 2015 test beam data - Beata Anna Krupa (Polish Academy of Sciences (PL)) Beata Krupa (Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences)   (DMS)
11:15 --- Coffee break ---
11:35 Discussion of the test-beam analysis/plans - Yan Benhammou (Tel Aviv University (IL))   (DMS)
12:00 --- Lunch ---
Hardware & Read-out electronics - Marek Idzik (AGH University of Science and Technology (PL)) (until 15:00) (DMS)
13:00 Gold-bumped foil for fan-out technologies - Lyutsiya Bortko   (DMS)
13:15 FLAME, a new readout ASIC for the LumiCal detector - Marek Idzik (AGH University of Science and Technology (PL))   (DMS)
13:35 New LumiCal Sensor Design - Yan Benhammou (Tel Aviv University (IL))   (DMS)
13:55 R&D work carried out in the  IFJ PAN. Status report. - Leszek Kamil Zawiejski (Polish Academy of Sciences (PL)) Leszek Zawiejski (Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN)   (DMS)
14:15 Tungsten plates measurements - Mikhail Gostkin (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU)) Mikhail Gostkin (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR))   (DMS)
14:30 Radiation hardness results - Bruce Andrew Schumm (University of California,Santa Cruz (US))   (DMS)
14:45 Heat budget for BeamCal - Luc d'Hauthuille (University of California, Santa Cruz)   (DMS)
15:00 --- Coffee break ---
Simulations - Andrey Sapronov (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU)) (until 17:00) (DMS)
15:15 BeamCal Reconstruction using the DD4hep Geometry Information - Andre Sailer (CERN)   (DMS)
15:35 LumiCal Performance with the Tracking Detector - Oleksandr Borysov (Tel Aviv University (IL))   (DMS)
15:55 BeamCal efficiency map status - Evgeniy Lutsenko (MIPT)   (DMS)
16:10 Linearity and energy resolution of the LHCal - Mr Vladyslav Lukianchuk   (DMS)
16:20 LumiCal Sensor Alignment for TB2014 - Oron Rosenblat (Tel Aviv University (IL))   (DMS)
16:40 The bhabha scattering event generator - Vladimir Makarenko (Byelorussian State University (BY))   (DMS)
Institute Board (until 18:20) (DMS)
19:00 --- Workshop dinner ---
12:20 Report from the Institute Board - Aharon Levy (Tel Aviv University (IL))   (DMS)
12:40 Workshop summary and closing - Wolfgang Friedrich Lohmann (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE)) Wolfgang Lohmann (DESY)   (DMS)
13:00 --- Lunch ---
Excursion to Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions (until 16:30) (LNR)