Apr 18 – 22, 2016
DESY Zeuthen
Europe/Berlin timezone

Monitoring at LHCb: Migrating to Icinga2,Puppet, Hiera and Foreman Stack for Monitoring.

Apr 21, 2016, 4:35 PM
Seminar room 3 (DESY Zeuthen)

Seminar room 3

DESY Zeuthen

Platanenallee 6, 15738 Zeuthen (near Berlin), Germany
Basic IT Services Basic IT services


Hristo Umaru Mohamed (University of Cincinnati (US))


The LHCb experiment operates a large computing infrastructure with more than 2000 servers, 300 virtual machines and 400 embedded systems.Many of the systems are operated diskless from NFS or iSCSI root-volumes. They are connected by more than 200 switches and routers. A large fraction of these systems are mission critical for the experiment and as such need to be constantly monitored. The main part of the monitoring infrastructure is done by tightly integrated instances of Icinga2, Foreman, Hiera and Puppet, which allow for dynamic and automatic generation of configuration files and removal of phased out hosts. We will discuss the steps that were taken and the problems encountered in implementing this integration in an SLC6 dominated environment. We will also touch on our experience with monitoring Windows and FreeNAS hosts, as well as our experience with FreeNAS reports. Furthermore we will show our successful usage of nsca running on SLC6 in our Icinga2 infrastructure.
Length of presentation (minutes, max. 20) 15

Primary authors

Balazs Voneki (CERN) Christophe Haen (CERN) Francesco Sborzacchi (Istituto Nazionale Fisica Nucleare Frascati (IT)) Hristo Umaru Mohamed (University of Cincinnati (US)) Loic Brarda (CERN) Mohamed Chebbi (CERN) Mohammed Daoudi (CERN) Niko Neufeld (CERN) Rainer Schwemmer (CERN)

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