Apr 18 – 22, 2016
DESY Zeuthen
Europe/Berlin timezone

NERSC collection architecture

Apr 22, 2016, 9:00 AM
Seminar room 3 (DESY Zeuthen)

Seminar room 3

DESY Zeuthen

Platanenallee 6, 15738 Zeuthen (near Berlin), Germany
IT Facilities & Business Continuity IT infrastructure


Thomas Davis (LBNL/NERSC)


An over of environmental and system information collection at NERSC using virtual machines, containers, python, elasticsearch, logstash, rabbitmq, and web based interfaces. Some tools that will be covered are elasticsearch, logstash, rabbitmq, kibana, graphana, nagios, librenms, oxidized.
Length of presentation (minutes, max. 20) 20

Primary author

Thomas Davis (LBNL/NERSC)

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