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Apr 25 – 29, 2016
Europe/Istanbul timezone

The NewCompStar conferences aims at bringing together people working in astrophysics of neutron stars, both on the theoretical and observational aspects.

This conference is co-organized by the COST Action MP1304 (CompStar - Exploring fundamental physics with compact stars)

Bogazici University-Rectorate Building
Boğaziçi University 34342 Bebek/Istanbul Turkey

The conference is organized under the hospitality of Feza Gürsey Center for Physics and Mathematics (CPM) in Boğaziçi University with support from COST and Istanbul Technical University (ITU).


Feza Gürsey is the most accomplished and well-known theoretical physicist of Turkey. His name was given to the "Research Institute of Fundamental Sciences" in 1996 when the institute started working within Boğaziçi University. The institute had been a center for  scientific research and organizations for many years, but was closed in 2011 in spite of strong support of Turkish scientists.

Recently, administration of Boğaziçi University and physicists from universities all over Istanbul initiated a determination for reviving the institute.

We are planning to organize this meeting under the name of Feza Gürsey CPM meaning that it will be a collaboration of physicists and astronomers from different universities in Istanbul.

We hope organization of the meeting under the hospitality of Feza Gürsey CPM will motivate the actions for its revival.


Local Organization Committee (LOC)

M. Ali Alpar (Sabancı University)

Şölen Balman (Middle East Technical University)

K. Yavuz Ekşi (Istanbul Technical University)

E. Nihal Ercan (Boğaziçi University)

Tolga Güver (Istanbul University)


Scientific Organization Committee (SOC)

M. Ali Alpar,

N. Andersson,

D. Blaschke,

F. Burgio,

K. Y. Ekşi,

V. Ferrari,

F. Gulminelli,

S. Mereghetti,

P. Pizzochero,

J. Pons,

N. Rea,

L. Rezzolla,

N. Stergioulas


Plenary speakers (all confirmed)

Daniela Doneva

Morgane Fortin

Kostas Glampedakis

Tolga Güver

Matthias Hempel

D.I. Jones

Paul Lasky

Chris Pethick

Pierre Pizzochero

Bettina Posselt

Luciano Rezzolla

Antonia Rowlinson

Friedrich-K. Thielemann

Laura Tolos

Isaac Vidana

Silvia Zane



Meeting time and place


NewCompStar conference will be held in Boğaziçi University which is located on the European side of Istanbul near the Bosporus. The conference room will be at "Rectorate Conference Hall" at the South Campus. The assigned dates are April 25-29th of 2016 (5 working days). It will be spring in Istanbul and the expected temperature is 20-25 Celsus degrees.


Access to the conference place

By taxi it may take more than an hour (depending on traffic) depending on the traffic to reach Boğaziçi University from Atatürk airport. The other airport, Sabiha Gökçen, is on the Asian side and it is at a much longer distance to Boğaziçi University or the hotels reserved.

It is possible to access the University with the underground which takes approximately 75 minutes. First take the red-line (M1a) to Yenikapı. Then change here to the green line (M2) towards the Hacıosman direction; finally make a change at the Levent station towards Hisarüstü (M6 mini metro). You will be very near the University if you disembark at the final station.

Just another way is to make a composite of metro and shuttle. First take a Havataş shuttle (11 TL=3.5 EU) from the airport to Taksim. Then take the underground in here towards the Hacıosman direction (green line) and make a change at the Levent station towards Hisarüstü (M6 mini metro). You will be at the center of the two campuses of the University if you leave at the final station. The underground segment of this journey, from Taksim to Hisarüstü,
takes half an hour. You may need a travel card which you can buy at the airport by using automatic machines.



We have booked 30 rooms from ITU guest house. In order to reserve room from here please contact Mr. Andaç ( This place is at a walking distance to Taksim which is the center of the city’s transportation network, with buses, subways and "dolmuş" coming in from various destinations of the city.

In Taksim you can reach historical, cultural and entertainment centres in a walking distance. Many good restaurants and hotels are situated around the Taksim Square. There are several possible ways to access Boğaziçi from Taksim. The buses "59R Rumelihisarüstü" and "559R Rumelihisarüstü" from Taksim Square go directly to Boğaziçi University.

In order to reach the ITU Guesthouse from the airport one can use the underground to reach Taksim first. Then it is a walking distance to the Guesthouse which is at Maçka. In case you have a massive luggage taking a taxi may cost about 3 Eur.

We have also made a deal with Ortaköy-Princess hotel in Beşiktaş. They can accommodate a maximum of 80 guests. Please order early (

We arranged two private buses to take our guests from the Princess hotel to Boğaziçi University every morning at 8.30 am.

In order to access the Ortaköy-Princess hotel from the airport in the first day first arrive at Taksim with the underground. Before reaching the surface take a funicular railway to Kabataş and there you will find many buses going in the direction of Ortaköy.


Conference fee

The conference fee is 200 Eur. The fee may be lowered to 100 Eur for a limited number of graduate students or scientists from countries with limited support. The conference fee payment will be in cash (Eur) during the conference.


Leisure time

Istanbul had been the capital of empires including Roman, Byzantium, Latin and Ottoman having reflections from both East and West. It is a highly cosmopolitan metropolis with several parallel cultural activities all over the city. We may arrange a conference dinner or a boat trip in Bosporus.

Registration for this event is currently open.