Apr 25 – 29, 2016
Europe/Istanbul timezone

Observational aspects of isolated neutron stars

Apr 29, 2016, 10:00 AM
Bogazici University-Rectorate Building (Istanbul)

Bogazici University-Rectorate Building


Boğaziçi University 34342 Bebek/Istanbul Turkey


Silvia Zane (university college London)


Multi-wavelength observations over the last decades proved the existence of observationally very diverse manifestations of isolated NSs (INSs) and led to the separation of INSs into distinct classes. Most of the ~2,300 known INSs are radio pulsars with periods P < 8 s and magnetic field B ~ 10 12 G, but there are objects with much greater potential for understanding the INSs diversity. This includes: Magnetars, X-ray Dim INSs (XDINSs), high-B rotation-powered pulsars, Rotating radio transients (RraTs) , and Central Compact Objects (CCOs). In this talk I will focus on the observational properties of XDINSs and magnetars. I will present a summary of the phenomenology with focus on the X-ray properties.

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