Apr 25 – 29, 2016
Europe/Istanbul timezone

Multiwavelength observations of gamma-ray loud binaries

Apr 29, 2016, 12:40 PM
Bogazici University-Rectorate Building (Istanbul)

Bogazici University-Rectorate Building


Boğaziçi University 34342 Bebek/Istanbul Turkey


Maria Chernyakova (DCU)


Gamma-ray loud binaries are are a recently identified class of X-ray binaries in which interaction of an outflow from the compact object with the wind and radiation emitted by a companion star leads to the production of very-high energy gamma-ray emission. Only five systems have been firmly detected so far as persistent or regularly variable TeV gamma-ray emitters. The nature of the TeV emission from these systems is not clear yet, but there are reasons to believe that similar to PSR B1259-63 all these system harbour pulsars, hidden in the wind of the companion star. Detailed studies of the broadband spectral and timing properties of these sources are crucial for understanding the nature of these peculiar objects. In my talk I will review the outcome of extensive multiwavelength observations of the 2014 PSR B1259-63 periastron passage, which shed a light on the nature of the puzzling GeV flare from the system, and also discuss what can we learn from the numerous X-ray observations of LSI +61 303 performed the last decade by SWIFT, Suzaku, XMM and Chandra satellites.

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