May 18 – 22, 2009
Sitges (Barcelona) Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone

First CCpi+ Cross Section Results from MiniBooNE

May 22, 2009, 11:20 AM
Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

Sitges (Barcelona) Spain

Palau Maricel Sitges (Barcelona) Spain
Talk Single pion production Single pion production III


Dr Michael Wilking (TRIUMF)


The MiniBooNE experiment has just completed a measurement of the CCpi+/CCQE cross section ratio as a function of neutrino energy. In addition, a new event fitter has been developed that allows for the reconstruction of not only the final state muon, but the charged pion as well. By using a new particle identification technique, we are able to distinguish muon and pion tracks with an 88% success rate. First results will be presented for an absolute CCpi+ cross section measurement as a function of neutrino energy, as well as several differential cross section measurements of the final state muon and pion kinematics. Double differential cross sections as a function of the direction and energy have been measured for both the muon and pion, and each of the final state muon and pion measurements has also been performed as a function of neutrino energy to decouple the cross section results from the MiniBooNE neutrino energy spectrum.

Primary author

Dr Michael Wilking (TRIUMF)

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