8-10 June 2016
Asia/Bangkok timezone

Preliminary study of cosmic radiation expose to aircrew during local flight in Thailand

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Poster presentation High Energy and Particle Physics


Prapat Mahapattanathai


We have measured the atmospheric secondary radiation due to cosmic ray showers along specific flight trajectories within Thailand. The secondary radiation at aircraft altitude is complex, with different types of particles over a large energy range. Using SEI Inspector detectors, the ionizing radiation dosage rate was measured at altitudes of 30,000, 33,000, and 36,000 feet to be 1.168 ,1.275 and 1.617 $\mu \textrm{Sv/hr}$ respectively.

Primary author


Dr Alejandro Saiz (Mahidol University) Chanpeng Angchakan (Ubon Ratchathani University) Prof. David Ruffolo (Mahidol University) Dumrongsak Rodphothong (Ubon Ratchathani University) Dr Tanin Nutaro (Ubon Ratchathani University)

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