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FLASY 2016 is the sixth workshop on flavor symmetries. The workshop brings together researchers in the fields of flavor symmetries, neutrino physics, phenomenology, and cosmology.


This year's edition is hold at the Federico Santa María University in Valparaiso-Chile, a city with a spectacular architecture, intriguing cultural atmosphere and cradle of great writers like Pablo Neruda.



* Flavor and CP symmetries interplay
* Flavor symmetry models
* Model building alternatives to flavor symmetries
* Symmetry characterization of CKM and lepton mixing
* 0νββ decay and neutrino oscillation experiments 
* Lepton flavor violating processes
* Higgs LFV decays
* Flavor and cosmology
* Sterile neutrinos and neutrino anomalies
* Current B anomalies


In 2003, the historic quarter of Valparaíso was declared a UNESCO site.


International Advisory Board
G. Bhattacharyya (Saha Institute Kolkata)
A. Buras (T. U. Munich)
G. Burdman (U. Sao Paulo)
G. Hiller (U. Dortmund)
T. Kephart (U. Vanderbilt)
S. King (U. Southampton)
M. Lindner (Max Planck Inst. Heidelberg)
E. Ma (University of California Riverside)
M. Mondragon (UNAM, Mexico)
S. Morisi (Naples U.)
Y. Nir (Weizmann Institute)
H. Päs (T. U. Dortmund)
M. Tanimoto (Niigata U.)
J. W. F. Valle (IFIC/CSIC-Universidad de Valencia)

Organizing Committee
Carolina Arbeláez (Universidad Santa María)
Antonio Carcamo (Universidad Santa María)
Claudio Dib (Universidad Santa María)
Juan Carlos Helo (Universidad Santa María)
Sergey Kovalenko (Universidad Santa María)
Markos Maniatis (UBB Chillan)
Maximiliano Rivera (Universidad Santa María)
Iván Schmidt (Universidad Santa Maria)
Jose W. F. Valle (IFIC/CSIC-Universidad de Valencia)
Alfonso Zerwekh (Universidad Santa María)

Workshop Secretaries: Victoria Lobos ( and Patricia Alvarado Torres (


Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María Avenida España 1680,Valparaíso