FLASY 2016: 6th Workshop on Flavour Symmetries and Consequences in Accelerators and Cosmology

from Wednesday, September 28, 2016 (8:00 AM) to Friday, September 30, 2016 (4:31 PM)

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Sep 28, 2016
Sep 29, 2016
Sep 30, 2016
8:00 AM --- Bus Departure from hotels ---
9:00 AM --- Registration and Coffee ---
9:50 AM Welcome Speech   (Salón de Honor)
10:00 AM Particle physics landscape 2016 - José Valle ((IFIC))   (Salón de Honor )
10:40 AM Radiative neutrino mass models and flavour violation - Raymond Volkas ((U. Melbourne))   (Salón de Honor )
11:10 AM Lepton number violation, neutrino masses and LHC - Martin Hirsch ((IFIC))   (Salón de Honor)
11:40 AM Distinguishing Majorana vs. Dirac sterile neutrinos lighter than MW at the LHC - Claudio Dib ((UTFSM))   (Salon de Honor)
8:00 AM --- Bus departure from hotels ---
9:00 AM Gauge U(1) Family Symmetries of Quarks and Leptons - Ernest Ma ((UCR))   (Salon de Honor)
9:30 AM The reduced MSSM and its predictions. - Myriam Mondragón ((UNAM))   (Salon de Honor)
10:00 AM Anomalous Semi-leptonic B Decays and New flavor Physics - Nilendra Deshpande ((U. Oregon))   (Salon de Honor)
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break ---
10:50 AM WIMP dark matter in a Two-loop Dirac neutrino mass mechanism - Eduardo Peinado ((UNAM))   (Salon de Honor)
11:20 AM Neutrino Mass Matrix with Occam's Razor and  the Sign of Universe's Baryon Asymmetry - Morimitsu Tanimoto ((U. Niigata ))   (Salon de Honor)
11:50 AM A gauge explanation for the B-meson anomalies - Avelino Vicente ((IFIC))   (Salon de Honor)
8:00 AM --- Bus departure from hotels ---
9:00 AM Type II leptogenesis - Jihn Kim ((U. Kyung Hee))   (Salon de Honor)
9:30 AM Simplified Dark Matter with Flavour - Michel Tytgat ((U. Brussels))   (Salon de Honor)
10:00 AM Predictive SUSY flavour GUTs and the new precision analysis tool SusyTC - Stefan Antusch ((U. Basel))   (Salon de Honor)
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break + Goup Picture ---
10:50 AM Testing dark matter with anomalous magnetic moment - Jorge Gamboa ((PUC))   (Salon de Honor)
11:20 AM Simplified models for Dark Matter meet their consistent completions - José Miguel No ((U. Sussex))   (Salon de Honor)
11:50 AM Collider and Dark Matter Searches in the Inert Doublet Model from Peccei-Quinn Symmetry. - Daniel Camargo ((UFABC))   (Salon de Honor)
12:10 PM --- Lunch (1h 50min) ---
2:00 PM Testing low-scale neutrino mass models - Michael Schmidt ((U. Melbourne))   (Salon de Honor)
2:30 PM Sterile Neutrino Oscillations with Altered Dispersion Relations - Heinrich Päs ((U. Dortmud))   (Salon de Honor)
3:00 PM LHC limits on double beta decay - Juan Carlos Helo ((U. de la Serena))   (Salón de Honor)
3:30 PM --- Coffee BreaK ---
3:50 PM Reactor antineutrinos overview - Juan Pedro Ochoa ((PUCV))   (Salón de Honor)
4:20 PM Prospects for Charged Higgs Discovery at Colliders - Stefano Moreti ((U. Southampton))   (Salón de Honor)
4:50 PM Light charged Higgs boson scenario in multi Higgs doublet models. - Kei Yagyu ((U. Southampton))   (Salon de Honor)
5:10 PM Higgs Triplet Models - Marco Aurelio Dias ((PUCV))   (Salon de Honor)
5:40 PM 3HDM based on order-4 CP symmetry - Igor Ivanov ((U. Lisboa))   (Salon de Honor)
6:10 PM --- Welcome Reception ---
8:20 PM --- Bus Departure to hotels ---
12:20 PM --- Lunch (1h 40min) ---
2:00 PM CP violation in h --> tau + tau and LFV in h --> mu + tau - Germán Valencia ((U. Monash))   (Salon de Honor)
2:30 PM B-meson decays with produced on-shell sterile neutrinos and D*-mesons - Gorazd Cvetic ((UTFSM))   (Salon de Honor )
3:00 PM Two viable models of SM fermion mass generation - Antonio Cárcamo ((UTFSM))   (Salon de Honor)
3:30 PM Radiative Type III Seesaw Model and its collider phenomenology - Federico Von Der Pahlen ((U. Antioquia))   (Salón de Honor)
4:00 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:20 PM QCD  running in neutrinoless double beta decay - Marcela González ((UTFSM))   (Salon de Honor)
4:40 PM Effective Majorana neutrino phenomenology - Lucia Duarte ((U. Uruguay))   (Salon de Honor)
5:00 PM Generating Deviations to Tribimaximal Mixing from Sterile neutrinos - Sukh Dev ((U. Garhwal))   (Salon de Honor)
5:20 PM Light sterile neutrino sensitivity of 163Ho experiments - Eduardo Zavanin ((U. Campinas))   (Salon de Honor)
5:40 PM Fermion dark matter from SO(10) GUTs - Carolina Arbelaez ((UTFSM))   (Salon de Honor)
6:00 PM Mass limit for light flavon and collider physics - Yusuke Shimizu ((U. Hiroshima))   (Salon de Honor)
6:20 PM --- Bus Departure to Restorant Portofino ---
7:00 PM --- Workshop Dinner ---
9:30 PM --- Bus departure from restaurant ---
12:10 PM --- Lunch (1h 30min) ---
1:40 PM Minimal dark matter and neutrino masses - Diego Aristizábal ((UTFSM))   (Salon de Honor)
2:10 PM Warped flavor symmetry predictions for neutrino physics - Carlos Vaquera ((IFIC))   (Salon de Honor)
2:30 PM Scotogenic Models and Radiative Z2 Symmetry Breaking - Nicolás Rojas ((IFIC))   (Salon de Honor)
3:00 PM --- Coffee Break + Disccution at USM or Excursion ---
4:10 PM --- Bus departure to hotels ---