ROOT 6 planning

32/1-A24 (CERN)



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Axel Naumann (CERN)

Present: Tony L., Marcin, Peter VG, Walter, Giulio, Peter H., Marco, Bill


o A tag of 6.06 requested by Atlas: linkdef fix addressed by Axel and memory related change fixed by david

o This will be included in LCG Cmake 84.

o If the lcg84 comes out soon enough, LHCb may think about picking it up.



o Reduction of extra memory RDO/ESD workflow from +600MB to +200MB

o From Tier0 perspective we seem to be there, though more checks could be needed for confirmation. There is some sort of spike in pss which is higher than the ROOT5 based release while the average is lower with the ROOT6 based release.


o LHCb saved some memory using ctypes rather than gaudipythondict: the code cannot be shared as is since atlas does not use but the technique is certainly portable.

o Nightlies against 606patches and master: what LHCb has is like 6.00


o Planning to repeat the memory exercise.

o Alice started with +1GB and after changes in ROOT and Alice SW there is an increase of 100/200MB which were hard to remove.


o Picked up the latest ROOT changes, nothing special to report.



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