28-30 April 2016
University of Maryland
US/Eastern timezone

Ideas of Hidden Naturalness have received tremendous interest in the last three years. Theories of Neutral Naturalness, which will be the main focus of this workshop, offer a highly generalized perspective on perturbative top partner solutions to the hierarchy problem, with radically different phenomenology compared to standard SUSY or Composite Higgs. While much light has been shed on models, UV completions and signatures, there are many theoretical and phenomenological aspects of Neutral Naturalness that are not yet explored. Even more unusual are cosmological approaches like the Relaxion or N-naturalness, which offer a compelling alternative way of thinking about the Hierarchy Problem. While this workshop will serve as an opportunity to update each other on recent research progress, we mainly hope to focus the attention of the research community on the next important set of questions that have to be addressed. This includes:

  • Are there new classes of theories which implement neutral top partners, or naturalness without top partners? Can the cosmological approaches to the Hierarchy Problem be incorporated into a more complete theory?

  • What are the unexplored signatures, for example at intensity frontier machines or from astrophysics?

  • What are the possible connections to other deep questions, like neutrino masses, baryogenesis or dark matter?

Of course, one of the best possible outcomes of such a workshop is that new goals and connections are articulated that we cannot think of a priori. Our goal will be to facilitate these vital discussions with some outline of a future-oriented agenda, so that the most important next research opportunities are clearly and concretely articulated

University of Maryland
PSC 3150
Maryland Center for Fundamental Physics Physical Sciences Building, 3rd Floor University of Maryland, College Park, MD USA
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