Internet of Things Hackathon

Ideasquare (Bat 3179) (CERN)

Ideasquare (Bat 3179)


385, Route de Meyrin
Alessandro Curioni (Politecnico di Milano (IT)), Joel Vogt (Universitaet Bern (CH)), Marco Silari (CERN)

IoT Hackathon

Join us for hacking!
The Radiation Protection Group and London-based IoT company EVRYTHNG invite you to take part in a one-day hack on April 15 at IdeaSquare, dedicated to the next generation of industrial health and safety solutions in the Internet of Things. Participants will be challenged to collaborate in cross-disciplinary teams and develop novel IoT solutions to challenging, real-life inspired use cases at CERN.

This event will not only provide you with an opportunity to work with and drive exiting, bleeding edge technologies and topics but also to team up with interesting people in radiation protection and technology.

Award Categories
Teams will be evaluated and best one(s) awarded based on two criteria:

- delivers feasible solutions
- provide a deeper understanding of opportunities and challenges
- fosters building bridges to other groups at CERN or communities outside CERN

Technical achievement: 
- creative/innovative use of technology
- provides the basis for a RP/IoT open source project

  • Alasdair McEwan
  • Albert Zaragoza Martinez
  • Alessandro Curioni
  • Charles Adeeko
  • Cosimo Cantini
  • Damiano Celeste
  • Dominique Guinard
  • Fabio Pozzi
  • Faisal Khan
  • Fons Rademakers
  • Iker Larizgoitia Abad
  • Jean Vaucher
  • Joao Vieira
  • John Fogelin
  • Joël Vogt
  • Julia Woithe
  • Julien Fleischmann
  • Matei Dan Dragu
  • Michel Pangallo
  • Michele Sollecito
  • Nick Walter
  • Patrick Wolleb
  • Rob Hallifax
  • Stefano Romano
  • Stephen Young
  • Tiago Sergio Santos Rodrigues De Araujo
  • Tim Tsarfati