May 15 – 20, 2017
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Asia/Shanghai timezone
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Double Parton Scattering of Electroweak Gauge Boson Productions at 13 TeV and 100 TeV Proton-Proton Colliders

May 16, 2017, 2:00 PM
Haoran 102 (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Haoran 102

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Xuhui Campus


Mr Ke-Pan Xie (Peking University)


We study double parton scattering (DPS) processes in gauge boson plus two jets ($W/Zjj$) final state and same sign W bosons ($W^\pm W^\pm$) final state at pp-collider with $\sqrt{s}= 13$ TeV and 100 TeV. We compare two different double parton models. After that, we discuss the kinematic distribution features of DPS events, showing the existence of distinctive observables, which can be used to separate DPS from the single parton scattering backgrounds. The crucial physical quantity in DPS, $\sigma_{\rm eff}$ , is under detailed research in this work. The possibility of DPS being background of standard model processes is also studied.

Primary author

Mr Ke-Pan Xie (Peking University)


Mr Bin Yan (Peking University) Prof. Qing-Hong Cao (Peking University) Dr Yandong Liu (Peking University)

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