Outcome of TEC meeting of 21/06/01


Subject presented:

·         Training Plan (2001) – Alberto Scarameli

-          Develop and implement Divisional Training Plan with a 3 year perspective

-          Re-enforce the term of reference of the DTOs within each Division

-          Complete a training evaluation on the workplace within 3 months

-          Safety Training organisation

-          Training related to the implementation of the new career structure

·         Outcome of TEC workshop 26/09/00 – Francoise  Fabre

-          Group 1: Roles of the JTB, TEC, DTOs

-          Group 2: Divisional Training Plans/Individual Training Plans

-          Group 3: Evaluation of Training

·         People and Objectives of HR-TD – Sylvain Weisz

-          HR-TD is there to help: personel, DTOs, Divisions

-          We need Divisional Training Plan to better organise training è Plan of action + regular meetings

-          We will work together on evaluation issues and data processing/recording tools

·         What is expected in Divisional Training Plan

-          Management Programme – Francoise Fabre:

Review individual career development and associated training needs

-          Language Programme – Andrée Fontbonne:

Individual: evaluate present language abilities and give the level to be attained, and the timescale.

General: define clearly the language training policy in the Division

-          Technical Programme – Mick Storr:

Little cases where individual training needs can be specified more than 6 months in advance.

Training programme needs to be flexible and able to respond rapidly to changes in demand. But there is a price to pay for that flexibility (partial lack of scheduling, lack of information, delays and stressful administration). Specification of global training guidelines (area of technology, number of people involved, methods vs applications) is certainly more realistic and would greatly help.


Discussion and questions:

·         CERN medium term plan to be distributed to the DTOs. Document review projects.

·         Role of JTB, TEC, DTOs, etc… clearly defined in AC16.

·         Division’s policy about subsiding courses taken outside, about training for contract personel?

·         Tracking of competences in HR database; Information filled by newcomers is not recorded, why?

·         Divisional Training Plans vs Individual Training Plans: are we talking about the same beasts?

·         Incentives for supervisors to specify technical training needs in advance?

·         HR-TD should be able to give advices about outside courses.

·         How is training organised in other International Organisation and in high-tech companies?

·         Desperate need for computer tools to trace competencies, training needs and evaluation of training.


Coming next:

·         Hands-on Web-HRT: Sue Foffano will organise two sessions this summer (1 in July and 1 in August)

·         Computer tools and guideline for formating training needs/requests: working group with Francois Fluckiger, Sue Foffano, Josi Schinzel, Africa Marco, Mick Storr and Sylvain Weisz

·         Evaluation issues: working group with Alfred Blas, Linda Orr-Easo, Myriam Veyrat, Marc Tavelet and Sylvain Weisz

·         TEC meetings:

-          September – Friday 28th (morning): Exchange of experiences on request of information regarding training needs in the Divisions. Status report from the Computer tool working group.

-          October – Friday 26th (morning): Follow-up on Divisional Training Plans. Status report from the Evaluation working group.

-          November – Friday 30th (morning): Divisional Training Plan (hopefully well advanced). Follow-up with evaluation.


·         Pending questions: TEC working groups (Office Automation and Administrative Techniques, Electronic Design, Mechanical Design, CERN Science and Technology, Language Training, Management & Communication, Software and System Technology, Distance Learning, Safety), what to do with them?