LHC RRB - Overall timetable

LHC RRB Meeting April 2009

LHC Experiments and World LCG Resources Review Boards

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


LHCb RRB (60/6-015)

22nd meeting of the LHC RRB.

11:30 AM Introduction
Sergio Bertolucci
11:35 AM Approval of the minutes of the last meeting
11:40 AM Status of the experiment
Andrei Golutvin
CERN-RRB-2009-048 CERN-RRB-2009-049 (slides)
12:15 PM LHCC Deliberations (paper only)
Dr Emmanuel Tsesmelis (CERN)
12:20 PM Financial matters
Thierry Lagrange (CERN)
CERN-RRB-2009-051 CERN-RRB-2009-052 (slides)
Status of Common Fund accounts
Status of M&O accounts
Summary of market survey & tenders
12:30 PM Construction Budgets
Olav Ullaland
CERN-RRB-2009-053 CERN-RRB-2009-054 (slides)
Closing report for 2008
Current status for 2009
Preliminary estimates for 2010
12:45 PM M&O Budgets
Olav Ullaland
CERN-RRB-2009-055 CERN-RRB-2009-056 (slides)
Closing report for 2008
Preliminary estimates for 2010
1:00 PM Summary
Sergio Bertolucci