14-17 October 2009
Europe/Zurich timezone
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Implications of HBT analyses

15 Oct 2009, 17:20
TH Auditorium (CERN)

TH Auditorium


Talk Beyond Gaussians: Extracting Detailed Size and Shape Information Non-identical correlations and squeezed states


Kacper Zalewski (Institute of Physics, Jagellonian University)


Two problems important for the HBT method are discussed. The relation of the measured momentum distributions to theWigner function of the final hadrons and the relation of this Wigner function to the emission function. It is found that for the profile of each homogeneity region all the even cumulants and no odd cumulant can be unambiguously measured. Moreover, if the centers of all the homogeneity regions are known, the profile of all the interaction region can be unambiguously measured. Obtaining further information about the emission function requires additional assumptions. A few important cases are discussed.

Primary author

Kacper Zalewski (Institute of Physics, Jagellonian University)

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