Nov 4 – 5, 2016
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Wireless Allowing Data and Power Transmission (WADAPT)

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Varsovie Room

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The Strasbourg Convention Center (Palais de la Musique et des Congrès), Place de Bordeaux FR 67082


Dr Hans Kristian Soltveit (University of Heidelberg)


Wireless techniques have developed extremely fast over the last decade and using
them for data and power transmission in particle physics detectors is not science fiction
any more. During the last years several research groups have independently
thought of making it a reality. Wireless techniques became a mature field for research
and new developments might have impact on future particle physics experiments.

The Instrumentation Frontier was set up as a part of the SnowMass 2013 Community
Summer Study 1 to examine the instrumentation R&D for the particle physics
research over the coming decades: « To succeed we need to make technical and
scientific innovation a priority in the field ».
Wireless data transmission was identified as one of the innovations that could
revolutionize the transmission of data out of the detector. Power delivery was another
challenge mentioned in the same report.

We propose a collaboration to identify the specific needs of different projects that
might benefit from wireless techniques. The objective is to provide a common
platform for research and development in order to optimize effectiveness and cost,
with the aim of designing and testing wireless demonstrators for large instrumentation

R. Brennera, S. Ceuterickxb, C. Dehosc, P. De Lurgiod, Z. Djurcicd, G. Draked, J.L.
Gonzalez Gimenezc, L. Gustafssona, D.W. Kime, E. Loccif, D. Röhrichg, A. Schöningh,
A. Siligarisc, H.K. Soltveith, K. Ullalandg, P. Vincentc, D. Wiednerth, S. Yangg
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a Uppsala University, Sweden
b CERN, European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Genève, Switzerland
c CEA/LETI/DRT/DACLE/LAIR, Grenoble, France
d Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL 60439, USA
e Gangneung National University, Korea
f CEA/DSM/IRFU/SPP, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
gUniversity of Bergen, Norway
hUniversity of Heidelberg, Germany

Primary author

Dr Hans Kristian Soltveit (University of Heidelberg)

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