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National Palace of Culture - Sofia (Bulgaria) 1 Bulgaria Square Sofia Bulgaria
Art, Science & Technology International conference and exhibition Re:LOGIA aims to rediscover the language of mutual understanding between the two pillars of human Culture – Art & Science, in a dynamic transdisciplinary context with potential to affect fundamental perceptions. Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Artists and Scientists, both individuals and teams, are invited to participate in Re:LOGIA by: ● Art, Science & Technology Presentation ● Art & Science Interactive Installation ● Art, Science & Technology Workshop on two main themes: ● Renaissance PROCESS: How Art, Science & Technology synergy can be applied in educational, scientific, cultural and social context ● Renaissance PERSON: How Art, Science & Technology synergy impacts Human Sensation, Emotion and Perception Re:LOGIA is building an international network of institutions and stakeholders working towards integrations of Art, Science and Technology. Artists and Scientists will have the opportunity to present their views and developments within this dynamic movement and to exchange concepts, procedures, methods and tools. The program includes talks by researchers with diverse backgrounds, from various intellectual disciplines. They are invited for their expertise in art, the natural and social sciences, leading on current developments shaping and transforming the worlds of art and science of today. Re:LOGIA activities seek to address global visions of sustainable development and explore alternative theories that effectively translate Art, Science & Technology activities and concepts into sustainable models with social, educational and cultural impacts. The long-term goal of Re:LOGIA is to develop an open framework for engaging Art, Science & Technology as a powerful synergic agent for transdisciplinary, integrative and highly creative thinking. This will inspire visionary innovative networking between Art & Science researchers and professionals. For the wider audience, the conference will host a one-week interactive Art & Science exhibition and workshops that will communicate through experience this new Renaissance paradigm. Re:LOGIA highlights include but are not limited to: ● Art, Science and Education ● Neuroaesthetics ● Art & Science of Creativity and Emotion ● Art, Science and Music ● Art & Music therapy ● Biofeedback, Neurology and Art ● Art & Science in Perfume ● Cognitive, Medical and Pedagogical Applications ● Brain-Body-Computer Interfaces ● Emotional Intelligence
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  • Borislav Pavlov
  • Ivan Borisov
  • Leandar Litov
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