May 29, 2017 to June 2, 2017
Intercontinental Hotel
Europe/Zurich timezone
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An example of synergy in BSM physics: right-handed neutrinos

May 30, 2017, 4:30 PM


Board: 2TU15D


Oliver Fischer (Unibas)


Right-handed or, equivalently, sterile neutrinos are among the most attractive extensions of the SM to generate the light neutrino masses observed in neutrino oscillation experiments.
When the right-handed neutrinos are subject to a ""lepton number""-like symmetry they can have masses around the electroweak scale and potentially large Yukawa couplings, which makes them testable at the planned Future Circular Colliders (FCC).
In this talk I present an overview of the searches for right-handed neutrinos at the FCC in its electron-positron, proton-proton, or electron-proton configuration.
I provide a systematic assessment of the different search channels, give the state of the art sensitivities for the most promising signatures and discuss the synergy and complementarity of the different FCC configurations.

Primary author


Eros Cazzato (University of Basel) Stefan Antusch (University of Basel)

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