International Design Factory Week 2016

3179/R-E06 (CERN)



385 Route de Meyrin, 1211 Geneva 23
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Harri Toivonen (Helsinki University of Technology (FI)), Joona Juhani Kurikka (Helsinki University of Technology (FI)), Markus Nordberg (CERN), Päivi Oinonen (Design Factory Global Network), Tuuli Maria Utriainen (Helsinki University of Technology (FI)), Viljami Lyytikäinen (Design Factory Global Network)

Interested in learning about the latest developments in experimental education, passion-based learning and co-creation? Please join for the Open Collaboration Day on Dec 14th - more info and registration available here:

IDFW Open Collaboration Day is an opportunity to learn about the Design Factory Global Network (DFGN), hear experts deliver keynotes on experimental education, passion-based learning, and co-creation developed with the Design Factory (DF) model, learn the DF ways of working in a hands-on ideation workshop together with CERN Ideasquare stakeholders, and to visit one of the Large Hadron Collider experiments to learn about the particle physics research conducted at CERN. 

International Design Factory Week 2016

International Design Factory Week (IDFW) is the annual opportunity for DFGN members and other Design Factory friends and enthusiasts to meet and plan for collaboration. Every year the week is organized in a new location offering the opportunity to learn more about the hosting Design Factory. This way the magic of the network can also be exposed to the host institution. This year the host will be Ideasquare @ CERN, as well as the local ecosystem.

Design Factory Global Network is a network of innovation platforms that drive change in their own institutions for a better learning culture, whether it is in a university or a research center. DFGN operates across the globe in five continents.

All Design Factories in the network are built based on the development interests of the host institution. The shared ways of working and the supporting culture enable the collaboration in the network.

For more information about the Design Factory Global Network & International Design Factory week see:


With International Design Factory Week (IDFW), the cost of travel and accommodation is covered by the participant, the host of the week will organise the program. We have made a block reservation to the CERN hostel for the week, cost is approx. 50-60CHF per person/night, details and booking will be available through the registration page in June. 

  • Albert van der Kooij
  • Ana Laura Ferreira
  • Andrea Ordenes
  • Anita Kocsis
  • Anne Prince
  • Barry Stinson
  • Carlos Ripoll Soler
  • Christine Thong
  • Eduardo de Senzi Zancul
  • Eric Voigt
  • Floris van der Marel
  • Guntis Kulikovskis
  • Harri Toivonen
  • John Eggleston
  • Jonathan Hill
  • Joona Kurikka
  • Jose Gonzalez
  • Jussi Hannula
  • Kalevi Ekman
  • Katja Hölttä-Otto
  • Liga Efeja
  • Lucas Rafael Ivorra Peñafort
  • Mark Whitehead
  • Martti Jerkku
  • Olga Bogomolova
  • Omar Ramirez
  • Pauliina Mattila
  • Päivi Oinonen
  • Roseli de Deus Lopes
  • Rui Coutinho
  • Sangwon Lee
  • Sooa Hwang
  • Stacey Sarris
  • Steve Stevens
  • Tiina Tuulos
  • Tuuli Maria Utriainen
  • Viljami Lyytikäinen
  • Yong Soo Cho
  • Youn Ah Kang
  • Yuanqi Wu