Jan 16 – 20, 2017
Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
Asia/Calcutta timezone



The organisers will arrange free accommodation in guesthouses, which are parts of nearby scientific institutions. The transportation between the guesthouses and the conference venue @ SINP will be arranged during the conference days. If you wish, you can book your own accommodation in a nearby hotel, but in that case, the organisers will not cover the cost or provide transport from the hotel to the venue of the conference. You may use any search engine (e.g booking.com) to find hotels close to Saltlake, Kolkata. 

During your whole stay, the organisers will arrange for all your meals.

More information about the accommodation has been updated in the Accommodation tab. Please check!


There are two options between which you can choose:

A) Tourist visas: Obtaining this is the simplest. You do NOT need to mention anything related to the workshop (or scientific activities) when appearing for the visa interview/processing. Just mention that you will be touring Kolkata/India. You will require a return ticket and accommodation details during your stay. We will provide the accommodation details documents to you soon, most likely after November 15th. 

Note that the tourist visa can also be applied using e-tourist visa mode (= visa on arrival). But we do not recommend it unless you are really pressed with time. e-tourist visa will be granted on your arrival airport, but you need to do some documents uploading online in the visa portal. 

B)  Conference visa:  In that case, you will have to submit the formal invitation letter also. But in this case, the authority may seek some internal approval from the ministry, and the process may be delayed. We will provide you the official invitation letter, and if you wish you may use it for the application of conference visa.

The first option involves less hassle, and is recommended unless there are some technicalities from your home institution which requires you to apply for the second option. If you want go for the second option, do let us know, we will provide the official invitation letter (in institute letter-head) at the earliest. 

The website of Indian consulate in your city/country will have all the details regarding the application procedures. In many countries the entire procedure can be done by post. Please consult the relevant websites, and if you have any confusion, please get us back!

Note: In a previous communication, we have sent all necessary docuements for both Tourist and Conference Visa to our international participants. 


Please consult your doctor for any vaccination that you may need. If you need any, it is better to do a month before your travel starts.