26 August 2016
Europe/Zurich timezone


Michael BETZ & Tom LEVENS – BE/BI, and Riccardo DE MARIA – BE/ABP


The Python programming language offers a rapid prototyping environment and numerous high quality libraries for numerical analysis and plotting. For this reason several individuals and small teams developed Python tools to interact with accelerator controls and analyse machine data.

In this seminar we present new software components to access widely used CO services from Python:

  • pyjapc: an interface to the JAPC Java API to query and control hardware devices supporting get, set and subscription methods (M. Betz)
  • pytimber: an interface to CALS Java API to retrieve and interact with logged machine data from any Python program or the browser (R. De Maria),
  • cmmnbuild-dep-manager: a library to resolve Java dependencies, simplify Python packaging and handle JVM instances (T. Levens)

The first half of the seminar contains short tutorials to illustrate the functionalities of the libraries. The second half will be devoted to Q&A and hands-on session to install and try the software.

We invite first time Python users, experts and developers as an occasion to share the best practices and to contribute to the build-up of a lively BE Python community.

Coffee will be served before the meeting.