30 January 2017 to 1 February 2017
Europe/Zurich timezone

System testing cloud services using Docker and Kubernetes: EOS+Cern Tape Archive (CTA) development use-case

31 Jan 2017, 12:40
Amsterdam (SURFSara)



Science Park


Julien Leduc (CERN)


The IT Storage group at CERN develops the software responsible for archiving to tape the custodial copy of the physics data generated by the LHC experiments. This software is code named CTA (the CERN Tape Archive).
It needs to be seamlessly integrated with EOS, which has become the de facto disk storage system provided by the IT Storage group for physics data.

CTA and EOS integration requires parallel development of features in both software that needs to be synchronized and systematically tested on a specific distributed development infrastructure for each commit in the code base.

This presentation describes the full continuous integration work flow that deploys and orchestrates all the needed services in docker containers on our specific kubernetes infrastructure.

Primary author

Julien Leduc (CERN)


Steven Murray (CERN)

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