Apr 3 – 7, 2017
University of Birmingham
Europe/London timezone

Charm physics at BESIII

Apr 4, 2017, 4:00 PM
West Building Seminar Room 1

West Building Seminar Room 1

WG5) Physics with Heavy Flavours WG5 Physics with Heavy Flavours


Xin Shi (Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN))


BESIII collected the world largest data samples of 2.93, 0.482 and 0.567 fb-1 data at 3.773, 4.009 and 4.6 GeV, respectively. Based on these data samples, BESIII perform some analyses of $D^{0(+)}$, $D_{s}^{+}$ and $\Lambda_{c}^{+}$, which are important to understand the weak decay machanisms of charmed mesons and baryons. The leptonic decays of $D^{+} \to \tau^{+}\nu_{\tau}$ and $D_{s}^{+} \to \ell^{+}\nu_{\ell}$ are measured. The dynamics of $D^{+} \to \bar{K}^{0} e^{+}\nu_{e}$, $\pi^{0}e^{+}\nu_{e}$ and $K^{-}\pi^{+}e^{+}\nu_{e}$ are studied, and the parameters of the form factors and CKM matrix elements $|V_{cs(d)}|$ are extracted. In addition, the branching fractions for $D^{+} \to \bar{K}^{0} \mu^{+}\nu_{\mu}$, $\bar{K}^{0} e^{+}\nu_{e}$, $D_{s}^{+} \to \eta(')e^{+}\nu_{e}$ are also provided. The amplitude analysis of $D^{0} \to K^{-}\pi^{+}\pi^{+}\pi^{-}$ is performed. The asymetries of $D^{+} \to K_{\mathrm{S/L}}K^{+}(\pi^{0})$ and $D^{0} \to K_{\mathrm{S/L}}\pi^{0}(\pi^{0})$ decays are measured. The branching fractions for $D^{+} \to 2K_{\mathrm{S}}K^{+}$, $2K_{\mathrm{S}}\pi^{+}$, $D^{0} \to 2K_{\mathrm{S}}$, $3K_{\mathrm{S}}$ as well as $D^{0(+)} \to$ other 14 channels of $PP$ final states are determined. And, the measurement results of the Singly-Cabibbo-suppressed decays $\Lambda_{c}^{+} \to p\pi^{+}\pi^{-}$, $pK^{+}K^{-}$, $p\eta$ and $p\pi^{0}$, the Cabibbo-favored decays of $\Lambda_{c}^{+} \to nK_{\mathrm{S}}\pi^{+}$ and $\Sigma^{-}\pi^{+}\pi^{+}(\pi^{0})$ as well as the inclusive decay of $\Lambda + \mathrm{anything}$ have been obtained.

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