9-15 July 2017
Victor J. Koningsberger building
Europe/Amsterdam timezone

SU(3) PNJL model with thermomagnetic couplings and compact stars

14 Jul 2017, 14:15
BBG 169

BBG 169

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Prof. Varese Timóteo (Universidade Estadual de CAMPINAS - UNICAMP)


In a recent letter, Physics Letters B 767 (2017) 247–252, we presented a an SU(2) NJL model with a coupling wich depends on the magnetic field in order to calculate the neutral pion mass at T = 0. In this work, we improve our model by adding the strange quark, the Polyakov loop and finite temperature. We then build a thermomagnetic dependence for the G and K couplings of the SU(3) PNJL model by fitting lattice QCD calculations for the average and the difference of u and d quark condensates under a strong magnetic field. With the new couplings, we compute several thermodynamic quantities and generate an equation of state for magnetized quark matter which we use to determine the mass-radius relation for compact stars from the integration of the TOV equations.

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Primary author

Prof. Varese Timóteo (Universidade Estadual de CAMPINAS - UNICAMP)


Prof. Ricardo Farias (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria - UFSM) Prof. Sidney Avancini (Universidade Estadual de Santa Catarina - UFSC) Prof. Marcus Pinto (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - UFSC) Mr William Tavares (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - UFSC)

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