10-17 July 2019
Europe/Brussels timezone

Generalized Parton Distributions from charged current meson production

12 Jul 2019, 11:30
Campus Ledeganck - Aud. 6 (Ghent)

Campus Ledeganck - Aud. 6


Parallel talk QCD and Hadronic Physics QCD and Hadronic Physics


Marat Siddikov (Universidad Santa Maria)


We suggest that generalized parton distributions can be probed in charged current meson production process, like $ep\to e\pi^{−}p$ and $ep\to e\rho^{−}p$. In contrast to pion photoproduction, this process is sensitive to the unpolarized GPDs $H, E$, and for this reason has a very small contamination by higher twist and Bethe-Heitler type contributions. We prove that the simultaneous study of both $\rho$- and $\pi$-meson production by charged currents in Bjorken kinematics allows for a very clean extraction of the leading twist Generalized Parton Distributions of the target, with inherent control of the contribution of higher-twist corrections. Also, it might provide target-independent constraints on the distribution amplitudes of the produced mesons. We expect that such processes might be studied either in neutrino-induced or in electron-induced processes. According to our numerical estimates, the cross-sections of these processes are within the reach of JLab and EIC experiments.

Primary authors

Marat Siddikov (Universidad Santa Maria) Ivan Schmidt

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