RCE Training Workshop

13-2-005 and 13-3-005 (CERN)

13-2-005 and 13-3-005


Dong Su (SLAC), Michael Huffer (SLAC), Rainer Bartoldus (SLAC)
This training session, scheduled just ahead of the ATLAS ROD workshop, will introduce developers to a set of modular building blocks that can be used in the design of DAQ systems: the RCE (Reconfigurable Cluster Element), CIM (Cluster Interconnect Module), and ATCA packaging standard. Systems assembled from these blocks provide adaptable, high-performance I/O on an industry-standard backplane. The training includes substantial hands-on experience with RCE and CIM hardware. Dinner at the Hotel Bois Joly (website, additional map) will be 30 Euro per person. On day two, morning plenary sessions will provide a "hello world" introduction to the complete RCE development cycle, followed by a detailed case study of a prospective interface between ATLAS front-end electronics and the RCE. Break-out sessions then provide an opportunity for hands-on hardware experimentation or Q&A discussion with experienced RCE developers. Day two ends with an open discussion of how an "ATLAS RCE working group" should be structured, and how the future direction for ATLAS RCE development should be set. Note: The agenda for the training is tentative. We encourage you to contact us to provide agenda feedback and shape this course to match your needs and interests.
  • Alain Bazan
  • Alberto Valero
  • Andreas Meyer
  • Ariel Schwartzman
  • Dariusz Makowski
  • Dong Su
  • Fatih Bellachia
  • Gary Drake
  • Guy Perrot
  • Henk Boterenbrood
  • Hucheng Chen
  • Jim Panetta
  • Jinlong Zhang
  • john anderson
  • Jos Vermeulen
  • Joseph Mead
  • Josh Cogan
  • Laurent Fournier
  • Mark Arndt
  • Markus Joos
  • Martin Kocian
  • Matthew Weaver
  • Matthias Wittgen
  • Michael Huffer
  • Nicolas Dumont Dayot
  • Peter Paul Maarten Jansweijer
  • Rainer Bartoldus
  • Robert Blair
  • Sarah Marie Demers
  • Stephen Tether
  • Thei Wijnen
  • Tomasz Jezynski
  • Waldemar Koprek