25-29 September 2017
Salamanca, Spain
Europe/Zurich timezone

Decays of the vector glueball

26 Sep 2017, 19:00
Auditorium Hall

Auditorium Hall

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Julia Sammet (Universität Frankfurt Institut für theoretische Physik)


We calculate two- and three-body decays of the (lightest) vector glueball into (pseudo)scalar,
(axial-)vector, as well as pseudovector and excited vector mesons in the framework of a model of
QCD. While absolute values of widths cannot be predicted because the corresponding coupling
constants are unknown, some interesting branching ratios can be evaluated by setting the mass of
the yet hypothetical vector glueball to 3.8 GeV as predicted by quenched Lattice QCD. We find that
the decay mode ωππ should be one of the largest (both through the decay chain O → b 1 π → ωππ and
through the direct coupling O → ωππ). Similarly, the (direct and indirect) decay into πKK ∗ (892)
is sizable. Moreover, the decays into ρπ and K ∗ (892)K are, although subleading, possible and could
play a role in explaining the ρπ puzzle of the charmonium state ψ(2S) thank to a (small) mixing with
the vector glueball. The vector glueball can be directly formed at the ongoing BESIII experiment
as well as at the future PANDA experiment at the FAIR facility. If the width is sufficiently small
(. 100 MeV) it should not escape future detection.

Primary author

Julia Sammet (Universität Frankfurt Institut für theoretische Physik)


Prof. Francesco Giacosa (Kielce University) Stanislaus Janowski (J. W. Goethe University)

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