25-29 September 2017
Salamanca, Spain
Europe/Zurich timezone

Study of the $DK K$ and $DK \bar{K}$ systems

27 Sep 2017, 09:25
Aula 2.7

Aula 2.7

Talk Exotic states and candidates Exotic states and candidates


Vinicius Rodrigues Debastiani (IFIC, University of Valencia)


Using the Fixed Center Approximation to Faddeev equations we have investigated the $DKK$ and $DK\bar{K}$ three-body systems, with the input of two-body interactions obtained from the chiral unitary approach, and considering that the $D^*_{s0}(2317)$, generated from the $DK$ interaction, acts as the heavy cluster. For the $DK\bar{K}$ system we have found evidence of a state with $I(J^P)=1/2(0^-)$ and mass about $2833 - 2858$ MeV, above the $D^*_{s0}(2317)\bar{K}$ threshold. Our findings indicate that this state is dominated by a $Df_0(980)$ component, and it could be searched for in the $\pi \pi D$ invariant mass. Our results also corroborate with different approaches from the literature, using Sum Rules and Faddeev equations without the FCA approximation. On the other hand, no clear bound states or resonances were found in the exotic $DKK$ system.

Primary authors

Vinicius Rodrigues Debastiani (IFIC, University of Valencia) Dr Jorgivan Dias (IFIC, University of Valencia and IFUSP, University of Sao Paulo) Prof. Eulogio Oset (IFIC, University of Valencia)

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