25-29 September 2017
Salamanca, Spain
Europe/Zurich timezone

Search for the H-dibaryon near $\Lambda\Lambda$ and $\Xi^-p$ thresholds at J-PARC

28 Sep 2017, 15:55
Aula 2.7

Aula 2.7

Talk Exotic states and candidates Exotic states and candidates


Prof. Jung Keun Ahn (Korea University)


Recent Lattice QCD predictions for the mass of H-dibaryon pointing to the mass region near $\Lambda\Lambda$ and $\Xi^-p$ thresholds encourage experimental searches. A dedicated experiment (J-PARC E42) has been prepared for hunting the H-dibaryon close to $\Lambda\Lambda$ and $\Xi^-p$ thresholds. The experiment was
designed to measure $\Lambda p\pi^-$, $\Lambda\Lambda$ and ?$\Xi^-p$ decays from the H-dibaryon in the $^{12}$C$(K^-,K^+)$ reaction at the K1.8 beam line of J-PARC. A new superconducting spectrometer (Hyperon Spectrometer) is now under commissioning, consisting of a conduction-cooled superconducting dipole magnet and a time projection chamber. This talk will review our new attempt to find evidence supporting the existence of the H-dibaryon in the wide mass region as well as the current status of the Hyperon Spectrometer.

Primary author

Prof. Jung Keun Ahn (Korea University)

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