25-29 September 2017
Salamanca, Spain
Europe/Zurich timezone

Energy scan results at Belle

27 Sep 2017, 11:15
Sala Menor

Sala Menor

Talk Spectroscopy of mesons Spectroscopy of mesons


Yin Junhao (I)


Using Belle energy scan data we report first evidence for the
$\Upsilon(6S) \to \phi \chi_{bJ}(1P)$ transitions and measure the energy
dependence of the $e^+e^- \to \phi \chi_{bJ}(1P)$ cross sections. We
report also on energy dependence for other final states that consist of
bottomonia and light hadrons. Using Belle data collected at the Y(5S) we
measure the $B_s \to D_s X$ inclusive branching fraction; this result is
useful, in particular, to tag relative contributions of $B$ and $B_s$
mesons in the total $b\bar{b}$ hadronic cross section above the
$B_s\bar{B}_s$ threshold.

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