25-29 September 2017
Salamanca, Spain
Europe/Zurich timezone

Three-body decays of quarkonium states at BABAR

26 Sep 2017, 15:15
Sala Menor

Sala Menor

Talk Spectroscopy of mesons Spectroscopy of mesons


Alessandro Pilloni (Jefferson Lab)


We report about recent results obtained at BABAR on three-body decays of charmonium and bottomonium states.
We present Dalitz plot analyses of $J/\psi$ three-body hadronic decays to $\pi^+\pi^-\pi^0$, $K^+K^-\pi^0$ and $K_S K^{\pm}\pi^{\mp}$ ?using the isobar and Veneziano models.The $J/\psi$ is produced through the Inital-State-Radiation process. We also perform Dalitz plot analyses of $\eta_c$ three-body hadronic decays to $K^+K^-\pi^0$ and $K_S K^{\pm}\pi^{\mp}$, where the $eta_c$ is produced in two-photon interactions. An isobar model is used, as well as a Model Independent Partial Wave Analysis which allows to extract the amplitude and phase of the $K\pi$ $S$-wave up to a mass of 2.5 GeV.
Finally, we present a study of the reactions $\Upsilon(1S)\to\gamma \pi^+\pi^-$ and $\Upsilon(1S)\to\gamma K^+K^-$. The $\Upsilon(1S)$ candidates are obtained from the data samples collected at the peak of the $\Upsilon(2S)$ and $\Upsilon(3S)$ selecting the decays $\Upsilon(2S,3S))\to\pi^+\pi^\Upsilon(1S)$.

Primary author

Alessandro Pilloni (Jefferson Lab)

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