DsixTools, the SM Effective Field Theory code

Apr 19, 2017, 11:05 AM
Plenary talk BSM


Avelino Vicente Montesinos (IFIC - CSIC / U. Valencia)


I will present DsixTools, a Mathematica package for the handling of
the dimension six Standard Model Effective Field Theory. Among other
features, DsixTools allows the user to perform the full 1-loop
Renormalization Group Equations (RGEs) evolution of the Wilson
coefficients in the Warsaw basis. This is achieved thanks to the
SMEFTrunner module, which implements the full 1-loop RGEs previously
derived in the literature. In addition, DsixTools also contains
modules devoted to the matching to some low-energy effective operators
(of common use in phenomenological studies) and their QCD and QED RGE
running below the electroweak scale. After introducing the code, I
will show some practical applications to illustrate its power and

Primary author

Avelino Vicente Montesinos (IFIC - CSIC / U. Valencia)

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