Higgs Sector of the Left-Right Symmetric Theory

Apr 19, 2017, 5:16 PM
Plenary talk Higgs


Dr Alessio Maiezza (IRB)


We perform an in-depth analysis of the Higgs sector in the Minimal Left-Right Symmetric Model and compute the scalar mass spectrum and associated mixings in the whole parametric space. A focus on the cubic potential couplings is provided in terms of the physical states and in the light of the (potentially large) quantum corrections. Then the deviations from the Standard Model prediction of the cubic Higgs doublet coupling are considered.
We evolve the parametric space through the RGE considering three energy benchmarks for the right-handed scale: LHC reach, next hadronic collider and very high energy relevant for grand unification; we discuss the possible implications concerning the stability of the potential. A particular attention is payed to the perturbativity of the model in the case of TeV right-handed scale.

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