SU(5) completion of the scotogenic neutrino model

Apr 21, 2017, 9:23 AM
Plenary talk GUT


Timon Mede (University of Zagreb)


We are considering possible UV completions of the scotogenic neutrino model which is a bottom-up attempt to explain both neutrino masses and dark matter with additional weak scalar triplet, charged scalar singlet and 3 generations of vector-like lepton doublets. Neutrino masses are generated radiatively at the one-loop level (variation of the Zee model) while the neutral triplet component can serve as a dark matter candidate.
Preliminary studies show that while such scenario could easily be embedded into SU(5) framework, the GUT scale might be difficult to reconcile with the proton lifetime bounds.

Primary author

Timon Mede (University of Zagreb)


Kresimir Kumericki (University of Zagreb) Ivica Picek (University in Zagreb)

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