Left-Right symmetry and Keung-Senjanović process at the LHC

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Goran Popara


Left-Right symmetric models, introduced to explain parity violation of
weak interactions, also offer an appealing solution to the problem of
neutrino masses by naturally embedding the seesaw mechanism, with the
right-handed Majorana neutrinos being a crucial ingredient. Since
current experimental searches set a lower limit on the left-right scale
in a TeV range, accessible to the colliders such as LHC, there is a
possibility to probe the Majorana nature of neutrinos using the so
called Keung-Senjanović process, a high-energy analogue to the
neutrinoless double beta decay.

Along with the brief description of the minimal Left-Right model and constraints, important features of Keung-Senjanović process and the sensitivity of the LHC inside the light window for right-handed neutrinos will be presented.

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