2nd DPHEP Collaboration Workshop

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


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This is the second DPHEP Collaboration Workshop (following the many organised by the DPHEP Study Group) and will also host a Collaboration Board meeting.

The goals of this workshop are:

  1. Provide an update on the changing (or changed) landscape, e.g. FAIR data management (plans), reproducibility, sustainability of data repositories, an update on the status of OAIS and related "standards" and so forth.
    • Describe the "new world order" wrt "data stewardship / curation / preservation"
  2. Status reports of the services / developments in the area of LTDP and their outlook
    • These are now largely production services
  3. Perform a site-experiment round-table to capture the current situation HEP-wide
  • Achim Geiser
  • Ana Trisovic
  • Andrii Verbytskyi
  • Cristinel Diaconu
  • David Giaretta
  • David South
  • Famia Inayat
  • Fazhi QI
  • Frank Berghaus
  • Gang Chen
  • Gerardo GANIS
  • German Cancio Melia
  • Hasan Ali Khattak
  • Ingrid Dillo
  • Jakob Blomer
  • Jamie Shiers
  • Jianhui LI
  • Kati Lassila-Perini
  • Lu Wang
  • Mansoor Ahmed
  • Marcello Maggi
  • Marco Cattaneo
  • Matthias Schröder
  • Mike Hildreth
  • Muhammad Wajih ul Murtaza Sheikh
  • Peter Doorn
  • Randall Sobie
  • Sarah Jones
  • Stefan Roiser
  • Sunje Dallmeier-Tiessen
  • Takanori Hara
  • Talha Abbas
  • Tibor Simko
  • Tim Smith
  • Xiaoli Chen
  • Yves Schutz