Sep 24 – 28, 2017
Kazimierz Dolny, Poland
Europe/Warsaw timezone

Internal clock formulation of quantum mechanics

Sep 27, 2017, 6:40 PM
Kazimierz Dolny, Poland

Kazimierz Dolny, Poland

Dom Pracy Twórczej SDP ul. Małachowskiego 17 24-120 Kazimierz Dolny
Oral presentation (preferred) Mathematical Physics 3


Przemysław Małkiewicz (National Centre for Nuclear Research)


The lack of external and fixed time is encoded into the canonical formalism of general relativity by means of the Hamiltonian constraint. The lack of time does not imply the lack of evolution but rather brings to the fore the role of internal clocks which are some largely arbitrary internal degrees of freedom with respect to which the evolution of timeless systems can be described. I will take this idea seriously and try to understand that what it may imply for quantum mechanics when the fixed external time is replaced by arbitrary internal clocks.

Primary author

Przemysław Małkiewicz (National Centre for Nuclear Research)

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