28 May 2017 to 2 June 2017
Queen's University
America/Toronto timezone
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ATLAS Searches (SUSY+Exotics)

30 May 2017, 16:00
Botterell B139 (Queen's University)

Botterell B139

Queen's University

Invited Speaker / Conférencier invité Particle Physics / Physique des particules (PPD) T4-3 Energy Frontier: Detectors and Future Developments (PPD) | Frontière d'énergie: détecteurs et développements futurs (PPD)


Otilia Anamaria Ducu (Universite de Montreal (CA))


We present a summary of the recent results of searches for supersymmetry and other new phenomena conducted by the ATLAS experiment using 36 fb$^{-1}$ of pp collisions data at $\sqrt{s}$ = 13 TeV collected in 2015 and 2016. Several searches are reported that use various experimental signatures and methods. The results presented include searches for new heavy bosons, vector-like quarks, supersymmetric partners of quarks, leptons and gauge bosons, and R-parity violating supersymmetry.

Primary author

Otilia Anamaria Ducu (Universite de Montreal (CA))

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