28 May 2017 to 2 June 2017
Queen's University
America/Toronto timezone
Welcome to the 2017 CAP Congress! / Bienvenue au congrès de l'ACP 2017!

The Inflation Phenomenology of Primordial Phonons, Gravitons, Isocons, and Dilatons with the CMB and LSS, past, present and future

29 May 2017, 11:30
Botterell B143 (Queen's University)

Botterell B143

Queen's University

Invited Speaker / Conférencier invité Theoretical Physics / Physique théorique (DTP-DPT) M2-4 General Relativity I (DTP) | Relativité générale I (DPT)


Dr Richard Bond (Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics)


CMB and LSS allow us to probe the relics of inflation: phonons aka spatial volume fluctuations, which combine into an entropy-like measure, the orthogonal though entangled isocons, the holy grail gravitons, and the 4-volume dilaton fluctuations. The Standard Model of Cosmology is an amazing few parameter characterization of Planck and other data, but our theorizing and CMB + LSS experiments are in quest of what lies Beyond the SMc.

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