2017 CAP Congress / Congrès de l'ACP 2017

from Sunday, May 28, 2017 (6:45 AM) to Friday, June 2, 2017 (7:00 PM)
Queen's University

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May 28, 2017
May 29, 2017
May 30, 2017
May 31, 2017
Jun 1, 2017
Jun 2, 2017
6:45 AM --- Breakfast in cafeteria / Déjeuner à la cafeteria (ticket required / billet requis) ---
8:00 AM
Soft Matter Canada 2017 / Matière molle Canada 2017 - Barbara Frisken (Simon Fraser University) Dr Anand Yethiraj (Memorial University of Newfoundland) (until 8:00 PM) (BioSci 1102)
8:50 AM Welcome   (BioSci 1102)
9:00 AM Mechanics of nanostructured polymers: Insights from molecular simulations - Prof. Joerg Rottler (University of British Columbia)   (BioSci 1102)
9:30 AM Simulation study of overlapping polymers under confinement - Prof. James Polson (University of Prince Edward Island)   (BioSci 1102)
9:45 AM Universality between Experiment and Simulation of a Diblock Copolymer Melt - Tom Beardsley   (BioSci 1102)
10:00 AM Spherical packing phases of block copolymers - An-Chang Shi (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1102)
10:15 AM Production of ultra mono disperse Polystyrenes - Prof. James Forrest (University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1102)
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:00 AM Jamboree - Short Introductory Presentations   (BioSci 1102)
11:45 AM Modeling Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Defects in Solidification Phenomena Using Phase Field Crystal Methods - Nikolas Provatas   (BioSci 1102)
12:15 PM Domain bridging in melts of starblock copolymers - Russell Spencer (University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1102)
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
1:30 PM A Predictive Equation of State for Solubilities: Nanocellular Polymeric Foams and Hydrogen Storage Applications - Russell Thompson (University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1102)
1:45 PM Uncovering the molecular basis for collagen mechanics and self-assembly - Prof. Nancy Forde (Simon Fraser University)   (BioSci 1102)
2:15 PM Anomalously slow transport in single-file diffusion with slow binding kinetics - Prof. Andrew Rutenberg (Dalhousie University)   (BioSci 1102)
2:45 PM Experiments on macromolecular crowding - Prof. Anand Yethiraj (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   (BioSci 1102)
3:00 PM Scaling of Phase-Separated Polymer Viscoelastic Properties Under Confinement - Marjan Shayegan (McGill University)   (BioSci 1102)
3:15 PM --- Coffee Break ---
3:45 PM Start-up flow in a model yield-stress fluid - John R. de Bruyn (University of Western Ontario)   (BioSci 1102)
4:15 PM Unlocking the Potential of Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles: Nature’s Dendrimer - Dr John Dutcher (University of Guelph)   (BioSci 1102)
4:45 PM Rheo-XPCS studies of collective dynamics and mechanical evolution in soft nanostructured materials - Prof. James L. Harden (University of Ottawa)   (BioSci 1102)
5:00 PM Modelling Soft Colloidal Particles in Crowded Environments - Alan Denton (North Dakota State University)   (BioSci 1102)
6:00 PM --- Dinner ---
8:30 AM
IPP Inst. Members and Board of Trustees Meetings / Réunions des membres inst. et du conseil de l'IPP - Michael Roney (University of Victoria) (until 12:00 PM) (BioSci 2111)
10:15 AM --- Health Break / Pause santé ---
11:30 AM --- Congress Registration and Information / Inscription au congrès et information ---
11:30 AM --- Lunch in cafeteria / Dîner à la cafeteria (ticket required / billet requis) ---
6:45 AM --- Breakfast in cafeteria / Déjeuner à la cafeteria (ticket required / billet requis) ---
7:00 AM --- Congress Registration and Information / Inscription au congrès et information ---
8:00 AM
Joint CINP-IPP Meeting / Réunion conjointe de l'ICPN et de l'IPP (DPN-PPD) - Garth Huber (University of Regina) Michael Roney (University of Victoria) (until 10:00 AM) (BioSci 1102)
8:00 AM NSERC SAPES Chair's Report - Heather Logan (Carleton University)   (BioSci 1102)
8:35 AM News from CFI - Heidi Bandulet (Canadian Foundation for Innovation)   (BioSci 1102)
9:00 AM TRIUMF Director Report - Jonathan Bagger (TRIUMF)   (BioSci 1102)
9:35 AM SNOLab Director Report - Nigel Smith (SNOLab)   (BioSci 1102)
10:15 AM
M-PLEN Start of Conference | Ouverture du Congrès + Plenary Session | Session plénière - M.Franz, UBC - Graeme Luke (McMaster University) (until 11:15 AM) (BioSci 1101)
10:15 AM Formal Opening - Prof. Richard MacKenzie (CAP President)   (BioSci 1101)
10:30 AM From solids with topology to black holes and back - Prof. Marcel Franz (University of British Columbia)   (BioSci 1101)
11:30 AM
M2-1 Physics of Materials (DCMMP) | Physique des matériaux (DPMCM) - Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University) (until 12:30 PM) (BioSci 1102)
11:30 AM Electrical Resistivity of Molten Ni at High Pressures and Comparison with Preliminary Results on Liquid Fe - Reynold Silber (Western University)   (BioSci 1102)
11:45 AM Optical and Structural Properties of Arrays of Mn-doped ZnO Nanorods Prepared by a Low Temperature Hydrothermal Method - Mr Amir Hassanpour (Department of Physics, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada AND International Research Center for Renewable Energy (IRCRE), School of Energy & Power Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an 710049, People’s Republic of China)   (BioSci 1102)
12:00 PM Single Photon Source from Quantum Dots Modulated by Surface Acoustic Waves - Ms Golnaz Azodi (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1102)
12:15 PM Electrohydrodynamics-driven droplet dynamics in an oil-in-oil emulsion - Ms Somayeh Khajehpour Tadavani (Memorial University )   (BioSci 1102)
11:30 AM
M2-2 Laser-plasma interactions (DPP/DAMOPC) | Interactions laser-plasma (DPP/DPAMPC) - Lora Ramunno (University of Ottawa) (until 12:30 PM) (BioSci 1103)
11:30 AM Opening a window into the world at the tip of a laser beam: in situ monitoring laser processing. - Mr Paul Webster Mrs Lora Ramunno   (BioSci 1103)
12:00 PM Painting without paint via laser-induced plasmonic nanostructuring - Mr Jean-Michel Guay (University of Ottawa)   (BioSci 1103)
11:30 AM
M2-3 Precision Frontier (PPD) | Frontière de précision (PPD) - Kevin Graham (Carleton University) (until 12:30 PM) (Botterell B139)
11:30 AM Monitoring Beam Backgrounds at Belle II with Scintillator Detectors - Helena Pikhartova (McGill University)   (Botterell B139)
11:45 AM Early results for the phase 1 of BEAST-II experiment at SuperKEKB - Alexandre Beaulieu (University of Victoria)   (Botterell B139)
12:00 PM Material Studies for the Belle-II experiment - Mr Waleed Ahmed (McGill University)   (Botterell B139)
11:30 AM
M2-4 General Relativity I (DTP) | Relativité générale I (DPT) - Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University) (until 12:30 PM) (Botterell B143)
11:30 AM The Inflation Phenomenology of Primordial Phonons, Gravitons, Isocons, and Dilatons with the CMB and LSS, past, present and future - Dr Richard Bond (Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics)   (Botterell B143)
12:00 PM Coleman-Weinberg mechanism in a gravitational Weyl invariant theory - Prof. Ariel Edery (Bishop's University)   (Botterell B143)
12:15 PM Black holes and wormholes subject to conformal mappings - Prof. Valerio Faraoni (Bishop's University)   (Botterell B143)
11:30 AM
M2-5 Nuclear Astrophysics (DNP) | Astrophysique nucléaire (DPN) - Barry Davids (TRIUMF) (until 12:30 PM) (Botterall B147)
11:30 AM Nova nucleosynthesis from phosphorus to the endpoint - Prof. Alan Chen (Department of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University)   (Botterall B147)
12:00 PM Connecting Nuclear Astrophysics to Cosmological Structure Formation - Benoit Côté   (Botterall B147)
6:45 AM --- Breakfast in cafeteria / Déjeuner à la cafeteria (ticket required / billet requis) ---
7:00 AM --- Congress Registration and Information / Inscription au congrès et information ---
7:30 AM
Science Policy Committee Breakfast Meeting / Réunion-déjeuner du Comité de politique scientifique (until 9:00 AM) (New Medical Sciences 255)
8:00 AM
T1-1 Soft Matter and Polymers (DCMMP) | Matière molle et polymères (DPMCM) - An-Chang Shi (McMaster University) (until 9:10 AM) (BioSci 1102)
8:00 AM The Doping Structure of a Polymer Electrochemical Cell P-N Junction: An Optical Scanning Measurement and Numerical Study - Faleh Altal (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1102)
8:15 AM Electrical and mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites - Nuwansiri Getangama (Western University )   (BioSci 1102)
8:30 AM Stabilizing Various Bicontinuous Morphologies via Polydispersity of Diblock Copolymers - Mr Chi To Lai (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1102)
8:45 AM **RESCHEDULED** Identifying polymer states by machine learning - Jeff Z. Y. Chen (Department of Physics and Astronomy,University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1102)
8:00 AM
T1-2 Nonlinear and Quantum Optics (DAMOPC) | Optique non linéraire et quantique (DPAMPC) - Amar Vutha (University of Toronto) (until 9:00 AM) (BioSci 1103)
8:00 AM Probing ultrafast optical demagnetization with an HHG source - Katherine Légaré (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique)   (BioSci 1103)
8:15 AM Quantum noise in excitable laser systems - Mr Gerasimos Angelatos (Princeton)   (BioSci 1103)
8:30 AM Dependence of spontaneous surface relief gratings formation on the incidence angle and the polarization of the pump beam - Ms Leila Mazaheri (Graduate Students, Queen's University)   (BioSci 1103)
8:45 AM Ab Initio Calculations of Torsionally Mediated Hyperfine Splittings in E States of Acetaldehyde - Dr Li-Hong Xu   (BioSci 1103)
8:00 AM
T1-3 Energy Frontier: Standard Model, Top and Higgs (PPD) | Frontière d'énergie: modèle standard, quark top et Higgs (PPD) - Isabel Trigger (TRIUMF) (until 9:00 AM) (Botterell B139)
8:00 AM Higgs boson physics with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC - Alain Bellerive (Carleton University (CA))   (Botterell B139)
8:30 AM Search for a doubly charged Higgs boson through vector boson scattering in the Georgi-Machacek model with the ATLAS detector at the LHC - Jerome Claude (Universite de Montreal (CA))   (Botterell B139)
8:45 AM Search for Higgs production in association with a top quark pair in the H->bb final state - Mr Daniel Mori (Simon Fraser University (CA))   (Botterell B139)
8:00 AM
T1-4 Gravity and Cosmology (DTP) | Gravité et cosmologie (DPT) - Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University) (until 9:00 AM) (Botterell B143)
8:00 AM Entropy in Quantum Gravity - Arundhati Dasgupta (University of Lethbridge)   (Botterell B143)
8:30 AM **WITHDRAWN** Time and the Hamiltonian Constraint - Alexander Smith (University of Waterloo)   (Botterell B143)
8:45 AM **WITHDRAWN** Strong transient modulation of horizon radiation - Aida Ahmadzadegan (University of Waterloo)   (Botterell B143)
8:00 AM
Teachers' Day / Journée des enseignants (until 9:00 AM) (BioSci 1120)
8:30 AM
Exhibit booths open 08:30-16:00 | Salle d'exposition ouverte de 08h30 à 16h00 (until 4:00 PM) (BioSciences Atrium)
9:15 AM
T-MEDAL CAP Teaching Medal Talk - Martin Williams, U. of Guelph -Prof. James M. Fraser (Queen's University) (until 9:45 AM) (BioSci 1101)
9:15 AM Undergraduate Physics Labs: Who needs them? - Martin Williams (University of Guelph)   (BioSci 1101)
9:45 AM --- Health Break (with exhibitors) / Pause santé (avec exposants) ---
10:15 AM
NSERC Presentation | Présentation du CRSNG - Donna Strickland (University of Waterloo) (until 11:15 AM) (BioSci 1101)
10:15 AM
Teachers' Day - morning workshop / Journée des enseignants - atélier de matin -Prof. James M. Fraser (Queen's University) (until 12:30 PM) (Ellis 333)
11:30 AM
T2-1 Computational and Theoretical Condensed Matter (DCMMP) | Matière condensée numérique et théorique (DPMCM) - Eric Sorensen (McMaster University) (until 12:30 PM) (BioSci 1102)
11:30 AM Universality of low-energy Rashba scattering - Joel Hutchinson (University of Alberta)   (BioSci 1102)
11:45 AM Analysis of thermos-diffusive cellular instabilities in continuum combustion fronts - Mr Hossein Azizi (McGill University)   (BioSci 1102)
12:00 PM Seeing the strongly-correlated zero-bias anomaly in double quantum dot measurements - Rachel Wortis (Trent University)   (BioSci 1102)
12:15 PM String method study of heterogeneous nucleation in block copolymers - Ms Sarah Dawson (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1102)
11:30 AM
T2-2 Precision Measurements (DAMOPC) | Mesures de précision (DPAMPC) - Micheal Bajscy (Waterloo University) (until 12:30 PM) (BioSci 1103)
11:30 AM Optical atomic clocks for gravitational wave physics - Amar Vutha (University of Toronto)   (BioSci 1103)
12:00 PM Progress towards a portable two-photon optical clock - Shira Jackson (University of Toronto)   (BioSci 1103)
12:15 PM Self-assisted complete maximally hyperentangled state analysis via the cross-Kerr nonlinearity - Shohini Ghose (Wilfrid Laurier University)   (BioSci 1103)
11:30 AM
T2-3 Testing Fundamental Symmetries I (DTP/PPD/DNP) | Tests de symétries fondamentales I (DPT/PPD/DPN) - Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University) (until 12:30 PM) (Botterell B139)
11:30 AM Electroweak Precision Measurements - Jens Erler (IF-UNAM)   (Botterell B139)
12:00 PM WITHDRAWN - Muon g-2 in an Alternative Quasi-Yukawa Unification with Low Fine-Tuned Inverse SeeSaw Mechanism - Mr Ozer Ozdal (Concordia University)   (Botterell B139)
12:15 PM Differentiating $ U(1)^\prime $ Supersymmetric Models With Right Sneutrino \& Neutralino Dark Matter - Mr Jack Araz (PhD)   (Botterell B139)
11:30 AM
T2-4 Mathematical Biology (DPMB) | Biologie mathématique (DPMB) - Christopher Bergevin (York University) (until 12:30 PM) (Botterell B143)
11:30 AM Bayesian songbird flightpath recovery in the presence of errors - Dr Hanna Jankowski (York University)   (Botterell B143)
12:00 PM An Application of Mathematical Physiology to the Study of Heart Failure - Prof. Rachad Shoucri (Royal Military College of Canada)   (Botterell B143)
12:15 PM Quantifying the relative contribution of transmission via free virus versus cell-to-cell to the propagation of a hepatitis C virus infection in vitro - Mr Kenneth Blahut (Ryerson university)   (Botterell B143)
11:30 AM
T2-5 Tokamak Experiments: Transmission Highlights in Communications (DIMP/DIAP) | Expériences Tokamak: repères de transmission dans les communications (DPIM/DPIA) - René Roy (Université Laval) (until 12:30 PM) (Botterell B147)
11:30 AM Tokamak compression experiments at General Fusion - Mr Michel Delage (General Fusion Inc.)   (Botterell B147)
12:00 PM High-resolution depth profiling for passive anodized TiO2 ultra-thin films - Mr Mitchell Brocklebank (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Western University,)   (Botterell B147)
6:45 AM --- Breakfast in cafeteria / Déjeuner à la cafeteria (ticket required / billet requis) ---
7:00 AM --- Congress Registration and Information / Inscription au congrès et information ---
7:00 AM
PiC Editorial Board Meeting / Réunion du Comité de rédaction de La Physique au Canada - Bela Joos (University of Ottawa) (until 8:00 AM) (New Medical Bldg 255)
8:00 AM
W1-1 Condensed Matter at Large Facilities (DCMMP) | Matière condensée aux grandes installations (DPMCM) - Graeme Luke (McMaster University) (until 9:45 AM) (BioSci 1102)
8:00 AM Condensed matter physics studies with muons at TRIUMF - Prof. Sonier Jeff (Department of Physics, Simon Fraser University)   (BioSci 1102)
8:25 AM Resonant x-ray scattering of Quantum Materials at the Canadian Light Source - Prof. David G Hawthorn (University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1102)
8:50 AM Time-of-Flight Neutron Scattering From Exotic Quantum Ground States - Prof. Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1102)
9:15 AM High magnetic field measurements at central facilities: a physicist walks into a bar and says “Give me a 100 tesla shot please …” - Prof. Stephen Julian (University of Toronto)   (BioSci 1102)
8:00 AM
W1-2 DASP General Contributions II (DASP) | DPAE: contributions générales II (DPAE) - Johnathan Burchill (University of Calgary) (until 9:45 AM) (BioSci 1103)
8:00 AM Auroral Processes Observed by e-POP - Dr Gordon James (University of Calgary)   (BioSci 1103)
8:15 AM Auroral Science with Swarm - Prof. David Knudsen (University of Calgary)   (BioSci 1103)
8:30 AM Convection of plasma density features in the ionosphere - John de Boer (Royal Military College of Canada)   (BioSci 1103)
8:30 AM WITHDRAWN - Accounting for the effect of Earth's rotation in magnetotelluric inference - David Riegert (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1103)
8:45 AM Detecting Solar Modes in the D-Region using a Relative Ionospheric Opacity Meter (Riometer) - Mr François Marshall   (BioSci 1103)
9:00 AM The effect of high latitude distorted ion velocity distributions on radar and satellite observations - Mrs Lindsay Goodwin (University of Saskatchewan)   (BioSci 1103)
9:15 AM Plasma induced magnetic effects on Swarm satellites - Prof. Richard Marchand (University of Alberta)   (BioSci 1103)
9:30 AM Predicting lognormal distributions of geomagnetic field time derivatives - Brian Jackel (University of Calgary)   (BioSci 1103)
8:00 AM
W1-3 Newish Faculty Workshop: A survival toolbox (DPE) | Atelier pour les nouveaux professeurs: une boîte à outils (DEP) - Martin Williams (University of Guelph) (until 9:45 AM) (Botterell B139)
8:00 AM Workshop (TBA) - Martin Williams (University of Guelph)   (Botterell B139)
8:00 AM
W1-4 Biological Physics of Organisms (DPMB) | Physique biologique des organismes (DPMB) - Andrew Rutenberg (Dalhousie University) Christopher Bergevin (York University) (until 9:45 AM) (Botterell B143)
8:00 AM Statistical Mechanics of Stem Cells - Sidhartha Goyal (Univ of Toronto)   (Botterell B143)
8:15 AM Leveraging low dimensionality and stereotypy in the study of C. elegans behavior - William Ryu (University of Toronto)   (Botterell B143)
8:45 AM A model for assessing ATP demands of sustained high frequency firing - Prof. Bela Joos (University of Ottawa)   (Botterell B143)
9:00 AM Overtone focusing in Tuvan throat singing - Christopher Bergevin (York University)   (Botterell B143)
9:15 AM Watching spherical cows die: the physics of human aging - Andrew Rutenberg (Dalhousie University)   (Botterell B143)
9:30 AM Structure and Conformation of a Virus from Single-particle X-ray Diffraction - Dr Ahmad Hosseinizadeh (Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)   (Botterell B143)
8:00 AM
W1-5 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay (DNP/PPD/DTP) | Double désintégration bêta sans neutrino (DPN/PPD/DPT) - Alex Wright (TRIUMF) (until 9:45 AM) (Botterell B147)
8:00 AM Next-generation neutrino-less double beta decay search with LXe - Prof. Razvan Gornea (Carleton University)   (Botterell B147)
8:30 AM SNO+ Experiment: Commissioning and Status - Dr Ford Richard (SNOLAB)   (Botterell B147)
9:00 AM 3D digital SiPM for nEXO - Frédéric Vachon (Université de Sherbrooke)   (Botterell B147)
9:15 AM SNO+ Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay with an Organic Scintillator - Dr Szymon Manecki (Queen's University)   (Botterell B147)
9:30 AM $^{16}$N Source for the Calibration of SNO+ - Mr Jie Hu (University of Alberta)   (Botterell B147)
8:15 AM
CAP Communications Committee Mtg. / Réunion du comité de communications de l'ACP - Marcello Pavan (TRIUMF) (until 9:45 AM) (BioSci 2111)
8:30 AM
Exhibit booths open 08:30-16:00 | Salle d'exposition ouverte de 08h30 à 16h00 (until 4:00 PM) (BioSciences Atrium)
9:45 AM --- Health Break (with exhibitors) | Pause santé (avec exposants) ---
10:15 AM
W-MEDAL1 CAP Brockhouse Medal Talk - Youg Baek Kim, Université de Toronto - Graeme Luke (McMaster University) (until 10:45 AM) (BioSci 1101)
10:15 AM Topological Phases in Quantum Materials with Strong Spin-Orbit Coupling - Dr Yong Baek Kim (University of Toronto)   (BioSci 1101)
10:45 AM
W-MEDAL2 CAP Lifetime Achievement Medal Talk - Mark Sutton, McGill Unvivesity (until 11:15 AM) (BioSci 1101)
10:45 AM TBA - Mark Sutton (McGill University)   (BioSci 1101)
11:30 AM
W2-1 CFREF Projects and Topology in Condensed Matter (DCMMP) | Projets CFREF et topologie en matière condensée (DPMCM) - Doug Bonn (University of British Columbia) (until 12:30 PM) (BioSci 1102)
11:30 AM Nematic order on the surface of a three-dimensional topological insulator - Hennadii Yerzhakov (University of Alberta)   (BioSci 1102)
11:45 AM Spontaneous time-reversal symmetry breaking due to emergence of new order along [110] surfaces of nanoscale d-wave systems - Dr K. Tanaka (Department of Physics and Engineering Physics, University of Saskatchewan)   (BioSci 1102)
12:00 PM Institut Quantique - Prof. Jeffrey Quilliam (Institut Quantique, Université de Sherbrooke)   (BioSci 1102)
11:30 AM
W2-2 Quantum Optics (DAMOPC) | Optique quantique (DPAMPC) - Stephen Hughes (Queen's University) (until 12:30 PM) (BioSci 1103)
11:30 AM Dynamical Microcavity Exciton-Polariton Condensates - Na Young Kim (University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1103)
12:00 PM Building Synthetic Quantum Systems with Atoms and Photons – From Waveguide QED with Neutral Atoms to Many-Body Physics with Rydberg-Dressed Lattice Gases - Prof. Kyung Soo Choi (University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1103)
11:30 AM
W2-3 Neutrino Physics (PPD) | Physique des neutrinos (PPD) - Ian Lawson (SNOLab) (until 12:30 PM) (Botterell B139)
11:30 AM Detecting Antineutrinos Using the SNO+ Detector - Pawel Mekarski (University of Alberta)   (Botterell B139)
11:45 AM Neutrino Trident Production at the Intensity Frontier - Mr Gabriel Magill (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics / McMaster University)   (Botterell B139)
12:00 PM Measurement of the atmospheric neutrino flux and related key parameters at 6-180 GeV in IceCube - Tania Wood (University of Alberta)   (Botterell B139)
12:15 PM Direct reconstruction - an advanced event reconstruction algorithm for improved low-energy neutrino analyses with the IceCube-DeepCore detector array - Sarah Nowicki   (Botterell B139)
11:30 AM
W2-4 Fields and Strings (DTP) | Champs et cordes (DPT) - Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University) (until 12:30 PM) (Botterell B143)
11:30 AM Out of equilibrium dynamics of gauge theories from holography - Dr Alex Buchel (Western University and Perimeter Institute)   (Botterell B143)
12:00 PM Non-perturbative calculations in scalar theories - Prof. Margaret Carrington (Brandon University)   (Botterell B143)
12:15 PM Modelling The Gravitational Collapse Of Scalar Fields In Anti-de Sitter Space - Mr Brad Cownden (University of Manitoba)   (Botterell B143)
11:30 AM
W2-5 Applied Physics Aspects of Medical Applications (DPMB/DIAP) | Caractère physique d'applications médicales (DPMB/DPIA) - Luc Beaulieu (Université Laval) (until 12:30 PM) (Botterell B147)
11:30 AM Applied physics in the clinic: monitoring radiation doses delivered to cancer patients - Louis Archambault (Université Laval)   (Botterell B147)
12:00 PM During eye growth, defocus reduces until optical blur is similar to the resolution of the cone photoreceptors - Mengyuan Ke (University of Waterloo)   (Botterell B147)
12:15 PM Coarse-Grained Model of Fragments of Amyloid-Beta peptides - Apichart Linhananta (Lakehead University)   (Botterell B147)
6:45 AM --- Breakfast in cafeteria / Déjeuner à la cafeteria (ticket required / billet requis) ---
7:00 AM --- Congress Registration and Information / Inscription au congrès et information ---
7:30 AM
CNILC Breakfast Meeting / Réunion du comité de liaison national canadien de l'UIPPA - Jens Dilling (triumf/UBC) (until 9:00 AM) (New Medical Bldg. 255)
8:00 AM
R1-1 Solar Cells (DCMMP) | Piles solaires (DPMCM) - Graeme Luke (McMaster University) (until 9:15 AM) (BioSci 1102)
8:00 AM Colloidal Quantum Dots in Solar Cells and Lasers: Progress and Perspectives - Oleksandr Voznyy (University of Toronto)   (BioSci 1102)
8:30 AM Advances in Electroluminescent Devices with Barium Titanate Particles - Mr Antoine Dumont (York University)   (BioSci 1102)
8:45 AM Influence of Ferroelectric Quantum Criticality on SrTiO$_3$ Interfaces - Prof. Bill Atkinson (Trent University)   (BioSci 1102)
8:00 AM
R1-2 History of Physics (DHP) | Histoire de la physique (DHP) - Louis Marchildon (Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres) (until 9:15 AM) (BioSci 1103)
8:00 AM Queen's Physics - Prof. Malcolm Stott (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1103)
8:30 AM J. D. Jackson, Physicist, Teacher, Citizen - Prof. Chris Quigg (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   (BioSci 1103)
9:00 AM Recent Trends in Canadian Neutron Scattering: A Comparative Bibliographic Study - Patrick Clancy (Trent University)   (BioSci 1103)
8:00 AM
R1-3 Quark and Lepton Flavour (PPD) | Saveurs de quarks et de leptons (PPD) - Scott Menary (York University) (until 9:15 AM) (Botterell B139)
8:00 AM Status of the Belle II Experiment - Steven Robertson (McGill)   (Botterell B139)
8:30 AM Status and Prospects of the T2K Experiment - Thomas Lindner (TRIUMF)   (Botterell B139)
9:00 AM NuPRISM: Reducing neutrino interaction model dependence for oscillation experiments - John Walker (University of Winnipeg)   (Botterell B139)
8:00 AM
R1-4 Faculty Workshop: Really flipping the classroom: empowering students as teachers (DPE/CEWIP) - Patricia Mitchler (until 9:15 AM) (Botterell B143)
8:00 AM Really flipping the classroom: empowering students as teachers - Prof. James M. Fraser (Queen's University)   (Botterell B143)
8:00 AM
R1-5 Low Background Detectors (DIMP/PPD/DNP) | Détecteurs à faibles interférences (DPIM/PPD/DPN) - Kirk Michaelian (Natural Resources Canada) (until 9:15 AM) (Botterell B147)
8:00 AM Background in the DEAP-3600 Experiment - Dr Bjoern Lehnert (Carleton University)   (Botterell B147)
8:15 AM Low Background Measurement Capabilities At SNOLAB - Dr Ian Lawson (SNOLAB)   (Botterell B147)
8:30 AM Energy response and position reconstruction at DEAP-3600 - Dr Stefanie Langrock (Laurentian University)   (Botterell B147)
8:45 AM Background strategy in SuperCDMS SNOLAB - Dr Silvia Scorza (SNOLAB)   (Botterell B147)
9:15 AM
R-PLEN Plenary Session | Session Plénière - Jun Ye, NIST - Paul Barclay (University of Calgary) (until 9:45 AM) (BioSci 1101)
9:15 AM Atomic clock based on quantum matter - Dr Jun Ye (National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Colorado)   (BioSci 1101)
9:45 AM --- Health Break | Pause santé ---
10:15 AM
R-MEDAL1 CAP-CRM Medal Talk - Raymond Laflamme, Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) & University of Waterloo -Prof. Richard MacKenzie (CAP President) (until 10:45 AM) (BioSci 1101)
10:15 AM TBA - Raymond Laflamme (Institute for Quantum Computing & University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1101)
10:15 AM
R-MEDAL2 CAP Industrial and Applied Physics Medal Talk - Simon Fafard, Université de Sherbrooke - Stephen Pistorius (CCMB, University of Manitoba) (until 10:45 AM) (Humphrey Hall 102)
10:15 AM Photon recycling in ultra-thin GaAs n/p junctions based on high-photovoltage vertical epitaxial heterostructure architectures with record optical to electrical conversion efficiencies. - Simon Fafard (Université de Sherbrooke and Azastra Opto Inc.)   (Humphrey Hall 102)
10:45 AM
R-MEDAL3 CAP-TRIUMF Vogt Medal Talk - Charles Gale, McGill University -Prof. Richard MacKenzie (CAP President) (until 11:15 AM) (BioSci 1101)
10:45 AM TBA - Charles Gale (McGill University)   (BioSci 1101)
11:30 AM
R2-1 Applied Physics and Instrumentation (DIMP/DIAP) | Physique appliquée et instrumentation (DPIM/DPIA) - Kirk Michaelian (Natural Resources Canada) (until 12:30 PM) (Botterell B147)
11:30 AM Examinations of oxo-degradable polyolefin-based agricultural mulch film - Dr Christopher Murray (Lakehead University, Orillia Campus)   (Botterell B147)
11:45 AM FTIR Synchrotron Spectroscopy of the S-H Stretching Band of Methyl Mercaptan – An Interstellar and Biogenic Molecule - Dr Ronald M. Lees (Physics Dept., University of New Brunswick)   (Botterell B147)
12:00 PM Error Free Transmission of 5 Gbps Data at 140 GHz Using Difference Frequency Generation - Mr Kathirvel Nallappan (polytechnique montreal)   (Botterell B147)
12:15 PM High Speed Terahertz Near-field Imaging Using Spatial Wavefront Modulator - Mr Kathirvel Nallappan (polytechnique montreal)   (Botterell B147)
11:30 AM
R2-2 Terahertz Science and Applications (DAMOPC) | Science des terahertz et applications (DPAMPC) - Paul Beaulieu (INRS) (until 12:30 PM) (BioSci 1103)
11:30 AM 3D printed hollow core terahertz Bragg waveguides with defect layers for surface sensing applications - Mr Kathirvel Nallappan (polytechnique montreal)   (BioSci 1103)
11:45 AM Dispersion Compensation in Terahertz Communication Links Using Metallized 3D Printed Hollow Core Waveguide Bragg Gratings - Mr Tian Ma (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal)   (BioSci 1103)
12:00 PM The Nonlinear Terahertz response of Monolayer and Bilayer Graphene - Marc Dignam (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1103)
11:30 AM
R2-3 Dark Matter III (PPD/DNP/DTP) | Matière sombre III (PPD/DPN/DPT) - Steven Robertson (until 12:30 PM) (Botterell B139)
11:30 AM SuperCDMS and CUTE at SNOLAB - Dr Wolfgang Rau (Queen's University)   (Botterell B139)
12:00 PM Status of the KDK (40K decay) experiment - Dr Philippe Di Stefano (Queen's University)   (Botterell B139)
12:15 PM Cleaning Data for Dark Matter Detection - Dr Robert Stainforth (Carleton University)   (Botterell B139)
6:45 AM --- Breakfast in cafeteria / Déjeuner à la cafeteria (ticket required / billet requis) ---
8:30 AM
CAP Foundation Annual General Meeting | Assemblée annuelle de la Fondation de l'ACP - Michael Roney (University of Victoria) (until 10:00 AM) (New Medical Bldg. 255)
10:00 AM
CAP Foundation Board Meeting | Réunion du CA de la Fondation de l'ACP - Michael Roney (University of Victoria) (until 11:30 AM) (New Medical Bldg. 255)
11:30 AM
CAP Board Meeting (New and Old) / Réunion du CA de l'ACP (nouveau et ancien) - Stephen Pistorius (CCMB, University of Manitoba) (until 2:00 PM) (New Medical Building)
12:30 PM
CAP Advisory Council (Old and New) | Conseil consultatif de l'ACP (ancien et nouveau) -Prof. Richard MacKenzie (CAP President) (until 5:00 PM) (Ellis 226)
1:00 PM
IPP AGM | AGA de l'IPP - Michael Roney (University of Victoria) (until 7:00 PM) (Ellis 324)
1:00 PM IPP Director's Report & Council Election Results - Michael Roney (University of Victoria)   (Ellis 324)
1:30 PM ATLAS - Peter Krieger (University of Toronto (CA))   (Ellis 324)
2:00 PM NA62 - Toshio Numao (TRIUMF (CA))   (Ellis 324)
2:15 PM Belle II - Christopher Hearty (University of British Columbia)   (Ellis 324)
2:35 PM HEPNET and HEP Computing - Randy Sobie (University of Victoria (CA))   (Ellis 324)
2:50 PM Technical Support (MRS+TRIUMF) - Fabrice Retiere (TRIUMF)   (Ellis 324)
3:20 PM --- BREAK ---
3:50 PM Theory developments related to IPP Projects - Heather Logan (Carleton University)   (Ellis 324)
4:20 PM T2K - Blair Jamieson (University of Winnipeg)   (Ellis 324)
4:40 PM ICECUBE - Darren Grant (University of Alberta)   (Ellis 324)
5:00 PM SNO+ - Christine Kraus   (Ellis 324)
5:20 PM (n)EXO - David Sinclair (Carleton University)   (Ellis 324)
5:40 PM VERITAS - Ken Ragan (McGill University)   (Ellis 324)
5:50 PM SuperCDMS - Dr Wolfgang Rau (Queen's University)   (Ellis 324)
6:10 PM PICO - Tony Noble (Queen's University)   (Ellis 324)
6:30 PM DEAP - Prof. Mark Boulay (Carleton University)   (Ellis 324)
3:15 PM
Health Break / Pause santé (until 3:45 PM) (BioSciences Atrium)
7:00 PM
CINP Board meeting / Réunion du conseil de l'ICPN - Garth Huber (University of Regina) (until 9:30 PM) (BioSci 2111)
12:30 PM
CINP Annual General Meeting | Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ICPN (until 1:30 PM) (Botterell B139)
12:30 PM
CPW-1 Commercial Publishers Workshop with Nelson Education - Martin Williams (University of Guelph) (until 1:30 PM) (Botterell B143)
12:30 PM --- Lunch in cafeteria / Dîner à la cafeteria (ticket required / billet requis) ---
12:30 PM
Science Policy and NSERC Liaison Joint Workshop / Atelier jointe : Politique scientifique et liaison avec la CRSNG - Kristin Poduska (Memorial University of Newfoundland) (until 2:00 PM) (Botterell Hall B147)
12:30 PM A Look Ahead: The Future of the Physics Community in Canada and the Fundamental Science Review   (Botterell Hall B147)
1:30 PM
M3-1 Soft Matter (DCMMP/SMC17) | Matière molle (DPMCM/MMC17) - Barb Frisken (Simon Fraser University) (until 3:00 PM) (BioSci 1102)
1:30 PM Entropic segregation of short chains to the surface of a polydisperse melt - Ms Pendar Mahmoudi (University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1102)
1:45 PM Elastocapillary bending of microfibers around liquid droplets - Mr Rafael Schulman (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1102)
2:00 PM Snakes and labyrinths: instability driven pattern formation in thin elastic films. - Mr Ben Davis-Purcell (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1102)
2:15 PM Spontaneous elastocapillary deformations driving the formation of 2D microcoils - Mr Adam Fortais (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1102)
2:30 PM Capillary Levelling of Cylindrical Holes in Freestanding Polymer Films - Mr John Niven (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1102)
2:45 PM Rearrangement of 2D clusters of droplets under compression: transition from crystal to glass - Jean-Christophe Ono-dit-Biot (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1102)
1:30 PM
M3-2 Photonics: Devices (DAMOPC/DCMMP) | Photonique: dispositifs (DPAMPC/DPMCM) - Adriana Predoi-Cross (Lethbridge University) (until 3:00 PM) (BioSci 1103)
1:30 PM Micro/nanostructure engineering for light management in thin-film solar cells - Prof. Xihua Wang (University of Alberta)   (BioSci 1103)
2:00 PM Application of lasers in gas and chemical sensing - Dr Gautam Das (Lakehead University)   (BioSci 1103)
2:30 PM Exploiting broadband light-matter interactions using disordered photonic crystals for enhancing solar cell collection efficiencies - Ms Chelsea Carlson (Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy)   (BioSci 1103)
2:45 PM WITHDRAWN - Theoretical and experimental investigation on the formation of plasmonic nanostructure on a tapered optical fiber - Mrs Chetna Sharma (Lakehead University)   (BioSci 1103)
1:30 PM
M3-3 Cosmic Messengers (PPD/DNP/DTP) | Messagers cosmiques (PPD/DPN/DPT) - Andreas Warburton (McGill University) (until 3:00 PM) (Botterell B139)
1:30 PM Dark Matter Search Results of the PICO experiment in the Effective Field Theory Context - Mr Arthur Plante (Université de Montréal)   (Botterell B139)
1:45 PM Final results on the search for low-mass WIMPs with the NEWS-G experiment - Quentin Arnaud   (Botterell B139)
2:00 PM WIMP Search at Low Energy Threshold with PICO-60 C3F8 - Scott Fallows (University of Alberta)   (Botterell B139)
2:15 PM Prospects and Challenges for the Detection of MeV-scale Dark Matter - Dr Alan Robinson (Fermilab)   (Botterell B139)
2:30 PM Distinguishing the Schwarzschild black hole from the RP3 geon using local measurements - Keith Ng (University of Waterloo)   (Botterell B139)
2:45 PM Two Photon Abosorbtion - Spencer Percy (University of Windsor)   (Botterell B139)
1:30 PM
M3-4 Medical Imaging (DPMB) | Imagerie médicale (DPMB) - Luc Beaulieu (Université Laval) (until 3:00 PM) (Botterell B143)
1:30 PM Shedding light on the brain: multimodal imaging from two-photon microscopy to fMRI-BOLD - Michèle Desjardins (University of California, San Diego)   (Botterell B143)
2:00 PM Generalized Ising model and the dimensionality of the Brain - Pubuditha Abeyasinghe (Western University)   (Botterell B143)
2:15 PM Methods for improving accuracy in interaction vertex imaging - Devin Hymers (University of Guelph)   (Botterell B143)
2:30 PM Inferring sizes of compartments using oscillating gradient spin echo magnetic resonance imaging - Melanie Martin (University of Winnipeg)   (Botterell B143)
2:45 PM Optoacoustic Characterization of Hepatic and Renal Vasculature - Prof. Bill Whelan (University of Prince Edward Island)   (Botterell B143)
3:00 PM --- Health Break / Pause santé ---
3:30 PM
CAP-NSERC Liaison Cttee Mtg / Réunion du comité de liaison ACP-CRSNG (until 5:15 PM) (New Medical Building 255)
3:30 PM
M4-1 Condensed Matter Theory (DCMMP/DTP) | Théorie de la matière condensée (DPMCM/DPT) - Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University) (until 5:15 PM) (BioSci 1102)
3:30 PM Anisotropic exchange interactions in pyrochlore magnets - Stephanie Curnoe (Memorial Unversity of Newfoundland)   (BioSci 1102)
4:00 PM Extended Dynamical Equations of the Period Vectors of Crystals under Constant External Stress to Many-body Interactions - Dr Gang Liu (CAC (HPCVL), Queen's University, CANADA)   (BioSci 1102)
4:15 PM Solitary waves become localized modes in granular chains with soft grains - Michelle Przedborski (Brock University)   (BioSci 1102)
4:30 PM Optimized Third Harmonic THz Generation from Graphene in a Parallel Plate Waveguide - Parvin Navaeipour (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1102)
4:45 PM Introduction of Angular resolved photoemission spectroscopy AT CANADIAN LIGHT SOURCE INC. - Xiaoyu Cui (Canadian Light Source)   (BioSci 1102)
5:00 PM Sideband generation in moving photonic crystals - Dr Hang Qu (École Polytechnique de Montréal)   (BioSci 1102)
3:30 PM
M4-2 Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy: Microwave to X-ray (DAMOPC) | Spectroscopie atomique et moléculaire: des micro-ondes aux rayons X (DPAMPC) - Gautam Dias (Lakehead University) (until 5:15 PM) (BioSci 1103)
3:30 PM SELF- AND AIR-BROADENED LINE PARAMETERS OF METHANE IN THE 4100-4300 WAVENUMBERS RANGE - Mr Md Arifuzzaman (Department of Physics and Astronomy,UniversityofLethbridge,Alberta, Canada)   (BioSci 1103)
3:45 PM **WITHDRAWN** Theory of Ejected Electron Recoil Momentum in the Beta Decay of the Halo Nucleus He-6 - Mr Aaron Bondy (University of Windsor)   (BioSci 1103)
4:00 PM SPECTROSCOPIC STUDY OF CO IN THE FUNDAMENTAL BAND OVER A RANGE OF TEMPERATURES FROM 296 TO 79 K - Prof. Adriana Predoi-Cross (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB, T1K 6R4 Canada)   (BioSci 1103)
4:30 PM Tune-out Wavelength for the $\mathbf{1s2s\;^3S - 1s3p\;^3P}$ Transition of helium: relativistic effects - Dr Gordon Drake (University of Windsor)   (BioSci 1103)
4:45 PM Laser resonance ionization spectroscopy of astatine - Ms Maryam Mostamand (University of Manitoba- TRIUMF)   (BioSci 1103)
3:30 PM
M4-3 Dark Matter I (PPD) | Matière sombre I (PPD) - Tony Noble (Queens University) (until 5:15 PM) (Botterell B139)
3:30 PM Towards an Infrared Photon Based Calibration of Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (SuperCDMS) Detectors - Mr Muad Ghaith   (Botterell B139)
3:45 PM Investigation of Large Area Avalanche Photodiodes for the Experimental measurement of the Electron Capture decay of 40K: KDK Project - Mr Matthew Stukel (Queen's University)   (Botterell B139)
4:00 PM Low-temperature studies of the scintillation of pure Cesium Iodide for cryogenic scintillator detectors - Mike Clark (Queen's University)   (Botterell B139)
4:15 PM Sensor optimisation and gas quality analysis for spherical gas detector operation. - Mr Alexis Brossard   (Botterell B139)
4:30 PM Calibration schemes for Spherical Gas Detectors - Mr Daniel Durnford (Graduate Student)   (Botterell B139)
4:45 PM Bubble growth studies in superheated liquids for the PICO experiment - Mr Alexandre Le Blanc (Laurentian University)   (Botterell B139)
5:00 PM Corrections to Signal Saturation in DEAP-3600 - Mr Joseph McLaughlin (Queen's University)   (Botterell B139)
3:30 PM
M4-4 Nuclear Structure I (DNP) | Structure nucléaire I (DPN) - Kumar Sharma (University of Manitoba) (until 5:15 PM) (Botterell B147)
3:30 PM Quasi-free Proton Knockout Reactions on the Oxygen Isotopic Chain - Leyla Atar (Technical University Darmstadt & GSI & University of Guelph)   (Botterell B147)
4:00 PM Doppler shift lifetime measurements using the TIGRESS Integrated Plunger at ISAC-II/TRIUMF - Prof. Krzysztof Starosta (Simon Fraser University)   (Botterell B147)
4:15 PM Implementation of the Doppler Shift Attenuation Method using TIP/TIGRESS at TRIUMF - Mr Jonathan Williams (Simon Fraser University)   (Botterell B147)
4:30 PM Shape Coexistence in the Proton-Unbound Nucleus $^{177}$Au - Fuad Ali (Univerity of Guelph)   (Botterell B147)
5:30 PM
M-MEDAL CAP Herzberg Medal Talk - Paul François, McGill University - Sangyong Jeon (McGill University) (until 6:00 PM) (BioSci 1101)
5:30 PM Physics of cellular decision - Paul François (McGill Unversity)   (BioSci 1101)
6:00 PM
Welcome BBQ Reception | Réception d'accueil avec BBQ (until 7:15 PM) (Leonard Dining Hall)
7:30 PM
Herzberg Memorial Public Lecture | Conférence commémorative publique Herzberg -Prof. Stephen Pistorius (University of Manitoba) (until 8:30 PM) ()
8:30 PM
Post-talk Reception (until 9:30 PM) ()
9:45 PM --- Health Break / Pause santé ---
12:00 PM --- Teachers' Day - Lunch / Journée des enseignnants - Dîner ---
12:30 PM
DAMOPC Annual Meeting / Assemblée annuelle DPAMC - Paul Barclay (University of Calgary) (until 1:30 PM) (BioSci 1103)
12:30 PM
DASP Annual Meeting / Assemblée annuelle DPAE - Johnathan Burchill (University of Calgary) (until 1:30 PM) (BioSci 2111)
12:30 PM
DNP Annual Meeting | Assemblée annuelle DPN - Reiner Kruecken (TRIUMF) (until 1:30 PM) (Botterell B139)
12:30 PM
DPMB Annual Meeting / Assemblée annuelle DPMB - Christopher Bergevin (York University) (until 1:30 PM) (Botterell B143)
12:30 PM
DPP Annual Meeting / Assemblée annuelle DPP - Lora Ramunno (University of Ottawa) (until 1:30 PM) (Miller Hall 105)
12:30 PM
IPP Scientific Council Meeting / Réunion du comité scientifique de l'IPP - Michael Roney (University of Victoria) (until 1:30 PM) (New Medical Bldg 255)
12:30 PM --- Lunch in cafeteria / Dîner à la cafeteria (ticket required / billet requis) ---
12:30 PM
New Faculty Lunch Meeting with NSERC | Dîner-rencontre des nouveaux professeurs avec le CRSNG (until 1:30 PM) (BioSci 1120)
1:00 PM
Teachers' Day - afternoon workshop / Journée des enseignants - atélier de l'après-midi -Prof. James M. Fraser (Queen's University) (until 4:15 PM) (Ellis 333)
1:30 PM
T3-1 Geometrically Frustrated Materials (DCMMP) | Matériaux géométriquement frustrés (DPMCM) - Jeff Quillam (Université de Sherbrooke) (until 3:00 PM) (BioSci 1102)
1:30 PM Single crystal NMR investigation of S = 1/2 kagome Heisenberg antiferromagnet - Takashi Imai (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1102)
2:00 PM Thermodynamic and transport properties of single crystal YbNi4Cd - Jeonghun Lee (Simon Fraser University)   (BioSci 1102)
2:15 PM Continuous Degeneracy and Magnetization Process in the 3D FCC Kagome Lattice with the Dipole-Dipole Interaction - Mr Andrew Way (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   (BioSci 1102)
2:30 PM Magnetic phase transitions and magnetoelastic coupling in $Ba_3CoSb_2O_9$ - Mr Ming Li (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   (BioSci 1102)
2:45 PM Investigating the Potential Verwey Transition in Pb3Rh7O15 with Synchrotron X-rays - Patrick Clancy (Trent University)   (BioSci 1102)
1:30 PM
T3-2 Quantum and Nano-Photonics I (DAMOPC) | Photonique quantique et nanoscopique I (DPAMPC) - Kazi Rajibul Islam (Waterloo University) (until 3:00 PM) (BioSci 1103)
1:30 PM --- Talk by Shohini Ghose has been moved to T2-2 at 12h15 ---
2:00 PM Quantum Control of Hybrid Atom-Plasmonic Systems - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor)   (BioSci 1103)
2:30 PM Characterizing Surface Plasmon Polaritons Propagation at Lossy Interfaces - Mrs Nafiseh Sang-Nourpour (1: Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, University of Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4, Canada, 2: Photonics Group, Research Institute for Applied Physics and Astronomy, University of Tabriz 51665-163, Iran 3 Photonics Group, Aras International Campus, University of Tabriz 51666-16471, Iran)   (BioSci 1103)
2:45 PM Squeezed hollow-core photonic Bragg fiber for surface sensing applications - Prof. Maksim Skorobogatiy (École Polytechnique de Montréal)   (BioSci 1103)
1:30 PM
T3-3 Dark Matter II (PPD) | Matière sombre II (PPD) - Wolfgang Rau (Queen`s University) (until 3:00 PM) (Botterell B139)
1:30 PM Fiducialziation in DEAP-3600 using machine learning algorithms with robust validation - Mr Connor Stone (Queen's University)   (Botterell B139)
1:45 PM Simulations of the Muon Veto for the PICO Experiment - Olivia Scallon (Laurentian University)   (Botterell B139)
2:00 PM Effect of atmosphere on fractures as a background in scintillators - Mr Robert Squibb   (Botterell B139)
2:15 PM Sample Measurements from the Wavelength Shifter Deposition in DEAP-3600 - Mr Benjamin Broerman (Queen's University)   (Botterell B139)
2:30 PM The AmBe source for the SNO+ detector calibration - Ms Ingrida Semenec (Laurentian University)   (Botterell B139)
2:45 PM Water Phase Energy Calibration in SNO+ - Zachariah Barnard (Laurentian University)   (Botterell B139)
1:30 PM
T3-4 Mathematical Physics (DTP) | Physique mathématique (DPT) - Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University) (until 3:00 PM) (Botterell B143)
1:30 PM Causal perturbation theory in quantum optics - Karl-Peter Marzlin (St. Francis Xavier University)   (Botterell B143)
2:00 PM Compact formulas for the first and second order relativistic corrections to the isotropic quantum harmonic oscillator valid in any dimension - Philippe Laporte   (Botterell B143)
2:15 PM A Quasi-local Approach to Gravitational Thermodynamics - Mr Fil Simovic (University of Waterloo)   (Botterell B143)
2:30 PM Weyl orbit functions and conformal field theory - Mark Walton (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Lethbridge)   (Botterell B143)
2:45 PM THE ANOMALOUS MAGNETIC MOMENT OF A PHOTON PROPAGATING IN A MAGNETIC FIELD - Dr S R Valluri (University of Western Ontario)   (Botterell B143)
1:30 PM
T3-5 Hadronic Structure (DNP) | Structure hadronique (DPN) - Sangyong Jeon (McGill University) (until 3:00 PM) (Botterell B147)
1:30 PM Lattice QCD results for doubly heavy tetraquarks - Randy Lewis (York University)   (Botterell B147)
2:00 PM New Perspectives on the Charged Pion Form Factor - Garth Huber (University of Regina)   (Botterell B147)
2:15 PM First Physics Results from the GlueX Experiment - Zisis Papandreou (University of Regina)   (Botterell B147)
2:30 PM $\pi^+$ Electroproduction at High $-t$ - Mr Samip Basnet (University of Regina)   (Botterell B147)
2:45 PM The Nuclear Delta Force in Quadrupole Deformed Nuclei - Anish Verma (Simon Fraser University)   (Botterell B147)
1:30 PM
T3-6 Creating Thriving Physics Programs (DPE) | Créer de vigoureux programmes de physique (DEP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (Simon Fraser University) (until 3:00 PM) (BioSci 1120)
1:30 PM Learning physics using multimedia resources - Prof. Adriana Predoi-Cross (University of Lethbridge)   (BioSci 1120)
1:45 PM Earth and the composition of our world – a new and highly interdisciplinary undergraduate course - Dr Li-Hong Xu (University of New Brunswick)   (BioSci 1120)
2:00 PM Personality Types and Student Performance in an Introductory Physics Course - Jason Harlow (University of Toronto)   (BioSci 1120)
2:15 PM Revolutions in Teaching Physics: Build a Better Teacher, Build a Better Student - Chris Meyer (Toronto District School Board, Canada)   (BioSci 1120)
1:30 PM
T3-7 Soft Matter and Molecular Dynamics (DPMB) | Matière molle et dynamique moléculaire (DPMB) - Francis Lin (University of Manitoba) (until 3:00 PM) (Miller Hall 105)
1:30 PM Polymer translocation: some surprising physics learned from Molecular Dynamics Simulations - Prof. Gary W. Slater (Université d'Ottawa)   (Miller Hall 105)
2:00 PM Curcumin Protects Lipid Membranes - Richard Alsop (McMaster University)   (Miller Hall 105)
2:15 PM Non-specific side effects of the steroidal hormones found in oral contraceptives on lipid membranes - Mindy Chapman   (Miller Hall 105)
2:30 PM Role of the variable domain in Drp1 protein assembly: a simulation study - Mr Mehran Bagheri (University of Ottawa)   (Miller Hall 105)
2:45 PM Membrane Cholesterol Protects Against Polymyxin B Nephrotoxicity in Renal Membrane Analogues - Adree Khondker (McMaster University)   (Miller Hall 105)
1:30 PM
T3-8 CEWIP Panel Discussion | Table Ronde CEFEP - Shohini Ghose (until 3:00 PM) (BioSci 1101)
1:30 PM Diversity in physics: Strengthening excellence through equity and inclusivity - Shohini Ghose   (Goodwin 254)
3:00 PM --- Health Break (with exhibitors) / Pause santé (avec exposants) ---
3:30 PM
T4-1 Thin Films (DCMMP) | Couches minces (DPMCM) - Bill Atkinson (Trent University) (until 5:15 PM) (BioSci 1102)
3:30 PM Gate-tunable valley currents, non-local resistances and valley accumulation in bilayer graphene nanostructures - Mohammadhadi Azari (Simon Fraser University)   (BioSci 1102)
3:45 PM Membrane materials in superconducting electromechanical circuits - Mr David Northeast (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1102)
4:00 PM Nonlinear response of nano-electro-mechanical graphene resonators fabricated by chemical vapour deposition - Mr Arnab Chaudhuri (PhD Student)   (BioSci 1102)
4:15 PM Using Positron Annihilation to Observe the Evolution of a System of Interacting Silicon Quantum Dots - Mr James Gaudet (University of Western Ontario)   (BioSci 1102)
4:30 PM First experimental measurement of the speed distribution of ballistically-evaporated atoms - Mr Ryan Groome (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1102)
4:45 PM Nanoscale Thermal and Electronic Properties of Thin Films of Graphene and Organic Polyradicals - Mr Sabastine Ezugwu (PhD student)   (BioSci 1102)
5:00 PM Optical and Electrical Properties of Self-Assembled Silicon Nanoclusters - Carolyn Cadogan (The University of Western Ontario)   (BioSci 1102)
3:30 PM
T4-2 Cold and Trapped Atoms, Molecules and Ions (DAMOPC) | Atomes, molécules et ions froids et piégés (DPAMPC) - Chitra Rangan (Windsor University) (until 5:15 PM) (BioSci 1103)
3:30 PM Laser-cooled atoms in fiber-integrated cavities - Prof. Michal Bajcsy (IQC, University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1103)
4:00 PM Magnetic Trapping of Cold Methyl Radicals - Mr Manish Vashishta (The University of British Columbia)   (BioSci 1103)
4:15 PM Quantum simulation with laser-cooled trapped ions - Dr Kazi Rajibul Islam (Insitute for Quantum Computing)   (BioSci 1103)
4:45 PM Quantum coherent control of laser-kicked molecular rotors (DAMOPC Thesis Prize Winner) - Martin Bitter (University of British Columbia)   (BioSci 1103)
3:30 PM
T4-3 Energy Frontier: Detectors and Future Developments (PPD) | Frontière d'énergie: détecteurs et développements futurs (PPD) - Alain Bellerive (Carleton University) (until 5:15 PM) (Botterell B139)
3:30 PM Upgrading the ATLAS detector for a long and luminous career - Isabel Trigger (TRIUMF (CA))   (Botterell B139)
4:00 PM ATLAS Searches (SUSY+Exotics) - Otilia Anamaria Ducu (Universite de Montreal (CA))   (Botterell B139)
4:30 PM Operation & Performance of the ATLAS Detector - Emma Sian Kuwertz (University of Victoria (CA))   (Botterell B139)
5:00 PM Studies of cosmic ray events in ATLAS sTGC muon chamber prototypes - Felix Leger (McGill University, (CA))   (Botterell B139)
3:30 PM
T4-4 General Relativity II (DTP) | Relativité générale II (DPT) - Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University) (until 5:15 PM) (Botterell B143)
3:30 PM Foliation dependence of black hole apparent horizons in spherical symmetry - Prof. Valerio Faraoni (Bishop's University)   (Botterell B143)
4:00 PM Physical Realizations of the Tolman-VII Solution - David Hobill   (Botterell B143)
4:15 PM Superfluid black holes - Robie Hennigar   (Botterell B143)
4:30 PM WITHDRAWN - Exact wormhole solutions in Einstein-Maxwell theory - Mr Vineet Kumar (University of Saskatchewan)   (Botterell B143)
4:45 PM On the rotation of celestial bodies: an emerging phenomenon. - Prof. Réjean Plamondon (École Polytechnique de Montréal)   (Botterell B143)
5:00 PM Black Hole Graviton Laser TIME BOMB! - Manu Paranjape (Université de Montréal) Éric Dupuis (Université de Montréal)   (Botterell B143)
3:30 PM
T4-5 Nuclear Structure II (DNP) | Structure nucléaire II (DPN) - Reiner Kruecken (TRIUMF) (until 5:15 PM) (Botterell B147)
3:30 PM The determination of the masses of neutron-rich nuclides using the CPT mass spectrometer at CARIBU - Dr Kumar Sharma (University of Manitoba)   (Botterell B147)
4:00 PM Recent Results in Decay Spectroscopy with GRIFFIN - Dr Kenneth Whitmore (Simon Fraser University)   (Botterell B147)
4:30 PM Initial Tests of the Recoil Mass Spectrometer EMMA - Barry Davids (TRIUMF)   (Botterell B147)
4:45 PM Decay Spectroscopy of Neutron-rich $^{129}$Cd with GRIFFIN - Mr Yukiya Saito (The University of British Columbia / TRIUMF)   (Botterell B147)
5:00 PM WITHDRAWN - Direct study of the $^{22}$Ne(*p,$\gamma$*)$^{23}$Na reaction in inverse kinematics using the DRAGON recoil separator - Annika Lennarz (TRIUMF)   (Botterell B147)
3:30 PM
T4-6 DASP General Contributions I (DASP) | DPAE: contributions générales I (DPAE) - Johnathan Burchill (University of Calgary) (until 5:15 PM) (BioSci 1120)
3:30 PM "Peculiarities" in Geomagnetism and Magnetotellurics - David Thomson (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1120)
4:00 PM ACE-FTS satellite measurements of HCN in the upper troposphere to N2O in the lower thermosphere - Patrick Sheese (University of Toronto)   (BioSci 1120)
4:30 PM Ionospheric Characterization Using Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Signals - Alex Cushley   (BioSci 1120)
4:45 PM On the Possibility of Constraining Bright Meteor Shock Wave Forming Altitudes – Theoretical Consideration of Relationship to Radar Observed Meteor Head Echo/Height Termination Heights in MLT - Reynold E. Silber (Department of Earth Sciences, The University of Western Ontario)   (BioSci 1120)
5:00 PM Recent developments regarding E region irregularities - Prof. Jean-Pierre St-Maurice (University of Saskatchewan)   (BioSci 1120)
3:30 PM
T4-7 Biomechanics and Fluid Dynamics (DPMB) | Biomécanique et dynamique des fluides (DPMB) - Francis Lin (University of Manitoba) (until 5:15 PM) (Miller Hall 105)
3:30 PM Droplet Microfluidics for High Throughput Screening - Fundamentals and Applications - Prof. Carolyn Ren (University of Waterloo)   (Miller Hall 105)
4:00 PM Glucose Vitrifies Dehydrated Lipid Membranes - Alex Dhaliwal (McMaster University)   (Miller Hall 105)
4:15 PM Examining the role of bias versus swimming in superdiffusion - Mr Boris Barron (York University)   (Miller Hall 105)
4:30 PM Partitioning of Caffeine in Lipid Bilayers Reduces Membrane Fluidity and Increases Membrane Thickness - Adree Khondker (McMaster University)   (Miller Hall 105)
4:45 PM A dual-docking microfluidic cell migration assay for testing neutrophil chemotaxis and the memory effect - Prof. Francis Lin (University of Manitoba)   (Miller Hall 105)
5:15 PM
CAP President's report | Rapport du président de l'ACP - Richard MacKenzie (U. Montréal) (until 5:30 PM) (BioSci 1101)
5:30 PM
CAP Annual General Meeting with election of Board and Advisory Council members | Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ACP avec election des membres du c.a. et du conseil consultatif -Prof. Richard MacKenzie (CAP President) (until 7:00 PM) (BioSci 1101)
7:00 PM
"Friends of CAP" Dinner and Meeting | Souper et réunion des "Ami(e)s de l'ACP" -Prof. Richard MacKenzie (CAP President) (until 9:00 PM) (BioSci 2111)
7:00 PM
CEWIP Annual Meeting & Reception | Assemblée annuelle CEFEP et réception - Shohini Ghose (Wilfrid Laurier University) (until 9:00 PM) (Ellis 226)
7:00 PM
CJP Editorial Board Meeting | Réunion du comité de rédaction de la RCP - Michael O. Steinitz (St. Francis-Xavier University) (until 9:00 PM) ()
7:00 PM
Outreach | "Tête-à-tête'' Liaisons externes - Samantha Kuula (SNOLAB) (until 9:00 PM) (255 New Medical Building)
7:00 PM
Professional Practice Development | Développement d'exercice professionnel - Mike O'Neill (until 9:00 PM) (BioSci 1120)
12:30 PM
DCMMP Annual Meeting / Assemblée annuelle DPMCM - Graeme Luke (McMaster University) (until 1:30 PM) (BioSci 1102)
12:30 PM
DIMP-DIAP Annual Meeting / Assemblée annuelle DPIM-DPIA - René Roy (Université Laval) Kirk Michaelian (Natural Resources Canada) (until 1:30 PM) (Botterell B147)
12:30 PM
DPE Annual Meetings | Assemblée annuelle DEP (until 1:30 PM) (BioSci 1103)
12:30 PM --- Lunch in cafeteria / Dîner à la cafeteria (ticket required / billet requis) ---
12:30 PM
PPD Annual Meeting / Assemblée annuelle PPD - Steven Robertson (until 1:30 PM) (Botterell B139)
1:30 PM
W3-1 Teaching Physics to a Wider Audience (DPE/CEWIP) | Enseigner la physique à un auditoire plus vaste (DEP/CEFEP) - Shohini Ghose (Wilfrid Laurier University) (until 3:00 PM) (BioSci 1102)
1:30 PM Perhaps calling it the gender gap is missing the point! - Prof. Fraser James M. (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1102)
2:00 PM Undergrads at a Synchrotron? Innovative Approaches To Include Research Experiences In Undergraduate Courses - Mrs Tracy Walker (Canadian Light Source Inc)   (BioSci 1102)
2:15 PM A First Aid Kit for High School Teachers tasked with teaching Quantum Mechanics - Daria Ahrensmeier (Simon Fraser University)   (BioSci 1102)
2:30 PM What makes students choose a physics major, or not? - Laura Stiles-Clarke (St. Francis Xavier University)   (BioSci 1102)
2:45 PM Report on the 2017 Canadian Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) and development of APS-CAP partnership - Brigitte Vachon (McGill University (CA))   (BioSci 1102)
1:30 PM
W3-2 Quantum Computing and Communication (DAMOPC/DTP/DCMMP) | Calcul quantique et communications (DPAMPC/DPT/DPMCM) - Mcheal Reimer (Waterloo University) (until 3:00 PM) (BioSci 1103)
1:30 PM Quantum Communication across Calgary - Dr Tittel Wolfgang (University of Calgary)   (BioSci 1103)
2:00 PM Thermalization by Rapid Repeated Interactions - Mr Daniel Grimmer (University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1103)
2:15 PM Entanglement Harvesting with Inertially Moving Detectors - Laura Henderson (University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1103)
2:30 PM Airborne Demonstration of a Quantum Key Distribution Receiver Payload - Mr Christopher Pugh (University of Waterloo/Institute for Quantum Computing)   (BioSci 1103)
1:30 PM
W3-3 Testing Fundamental Symmetries II (DNP/PPD/DTP) | Tests de symétries fondamentales II (DPN/PPD/DPT) - Beatrice Franke (Queen's University) (until 3:00 PM) (Botterell B139)
1:30 PM Beta decay correlations with laser-trapped 37K in the LHC era - John Behr (TRIUMF)   (Botterell B139)
2:00 PM Fundamental Symmetry Tests using Trapped Antihydrogen - Recent Results and Future Plans of ALPHA - Prof. Scott Menary (York University)   (Botterell B139)
2:15 PM Microwave spectroscopy of antihydrogen as a test of CPT symmetry - Justine Joyce Munich (Simon Fraser University (CA))   (Botterell B139)
2:30 PM Cold and thermal neutron flux measurements of the cold neutron source commissioning at TRIUMF - Lori Rebenitsch (University of Winnipeg)   (Botterell B139)
2:45 PM Magnetic Holding Field Coil R&D for the nEDM Experiment at TRIUMF - Ms Roseanna Burrough (The University of Winnipeg)   (Botterell B139)
1:30 PM
W3-4 Nuclear Medicine & Radiation therapy (DPMB) | Médecine nucléaire et thérapie par rayonnement (DPMB) - Luc Beaulieu (Université Laval) (until 3:00 PM) (Botterell B143)
1:30 PM Physics in Radiation Therapy: How the clinic influences research and research advances the clinic - L. John Schreiner (Kingston General Hospital / Queen's University)   (Botterell B143)
2:00 PM Intratumoral injections of low-energy photon-emitting gold nanoparticles: a microdosimetry assessment - Myriam Laprise-Pelletier (Centre de recherche du Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec (CR-CHU de Québec), axe Médecine Régénératrice, Québec, Canada Department of Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Université Laval, Québec, Canada Centre de recherche sur les matériaux avancés (CERMA), Université Laval, Québec, Canada)   (Botterell B143)
2:15 PM Detection of radiation induced changes in human lens epithelial cells using Raman spectroscopy - Mr Harry Allen (Department of Physics, Carleton University)   (Botterell B143)
2:30 PM Validating Tc-99m Radiopharmaceuticals produced from non-conventional Mo supplies - Esmat Elhami (University of Winnipeg)   (Botterell B143)
1:30 PM
W3-5 General Instrumentation (DIMP)General Instrumentation (DIMP) | Instrumentation générale (DPIM) - Kirk Michaelian (Natural Resources Canada) (until 3:00 PM) (Botterell B147)
1:30 PM In-Situ and Ex-Situ Observations of an Extremely Long-lived Tail in TPB Fluorescence Under Alpha Excitation in DEAP-3600 - Shawn Westerdale (Carleton University)   (Botterell B147)
1:45 PM Veto of Signals induced by Seismicity in DEAP-3600 at SNOLAB - Mr Colin Moore (SNOLAB)   (Botterell B147)
2:00 PM Extreme Compression in THz Fourier Imaging - Hichem Guerboukha (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal)   (Botterell B147)
2:15 PM Weak-value amplification and optimal parameter estimation in the presence of correlated noise. - Josiah Sinclair (University of Toronto)   (Botterell B147)
2:30 PM 3D Digital SiPM with High Single Photon Timing Resolution for Radiation Instrumentation and Photon Science - Frederic Nolet (Université de Sherbrooke)   (Botterell B147)
2:45 PM Gamma-ray spectroscopy at SFU: applications in environmental monitoring and neutron activation analysis - Thomas Domingo (Simon Fraser University)   (Botterell B147)
1:30 PM
W3-6 Surface Science (DSS) | Science des surfaces (DSS) - Steve Patitsas (University of Lethbridge) (until 3:00 PM) (BioSci 1120)
1:30 PM Quantifying morphological differences between seemingly similar systems of self-assembled planar particles to evaluate the influence caused from varying experimental methods in order to achieve better control over producing patterns with a desired intermolecular structure and dispersion - Mr Matt Bumstead (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1120)
1:45 PM Using a qPlus Sensor to probe a Delta-Doped System and a large Dipolar Molecule adsorbed on a 2DEG - Prof. Alastair McLean (Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy, Queen's University, Kingston, ON, Canada, K7L3N6.)   (BioSci 1120)
2:15 PM The self-assembly of halogenated molecules on the Si(111) √3×√3-Ag surface - Prof. Mark Gallagher (Lakehead University)   (BioSci 1120)
2:30 PM Antiferromagnetic coupling strength between Co films across NiRu, CoRu, and FeRu - Prof. Erol Girt (Simon Fraser University)   (BioSci 1120)
2:45 PM Spin transfer torque switching in nano-pillars with SAF reference layer - Prof. Erol Girt (Simon Fraser University)   (BioSci 1120)
3:00 PM --- Health Break (with exhibitors) | Pause santé (avec exposants) ---
3:30 PM
W4-1 Quantum Materials & CFREF Projects (DCMMP) | Matériaux quantiques et projets CFREF (DPMCM) - Graeme Luke (McMaster University) (until 4:45 PM) (BioSci 1102)
3:30 PM The role of pseudospin in the optical and electronic properties of relativistic materials - John Malcolm (University of Guelph)   (BioSci 1102)
3:45 PM Spin Orbit States of Neutron Beams - Prof. David Cory (University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1102)
4:15 PM Introduction to the Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute - Prof. Doug Bonn (University of British Columbia)   (BioSci 1102)
3:30 PM
W4-2 Quantum and Nano-Photonics II (DAMOPC) | Photonique quantique et nanoscopique II (DPAMPC) - Na Young Kim (Waterloo University) (until 4:45 PM) (BioSci 1103)
3:30 PM Coupling localized spin excitons to an anisotropic nanophotonic vacuum - Prof. Stephen Hughes (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1103)
4:00 PM Plasmonic nanostructure for the detection of chemicals - Mr Joshua Trevisanutto (Lakehead University)   (BioSci 1103)
4:15 PM Nanoscale source of bright entangled photon pairs - Michael Reimer (Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo)   (BioSci 1103)
3:30 PM
W4-3 Advances in Nuclear and Particle Physics Theory (DTP/PPD/DNP) | Progrès en physique nucléaire et en physique des particules théoriques (DPT/PPD/DPN) - Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University) (until 4:45 PM) (Botterell B139)
3:30 PM The holographic Schrodinger Equation - Dr Ruben Sandapen (Acadia University)   (Botterell B139)
4:00 PM Masses of D-Hybrids from QCD Sum-Rules - Dr Harnett Derek (University of the Fraser Valley)   (Botterell B139)
4:15 PM LHC phenomenology of supersymmetric models with a $U (1)_R$ baryon number - Kevin Earl (Carleton University)   (Botterell B139)
4:30 PM Dynamical spin effects in predicting pion observables - Mohammad Ahmady (Mount Allison University)   (Botterell B139)
3:30 PM
W4-4 Combined Nanotech / COMP: Imaging and Radiation Therapy (DPMB) | Nanotech / OCPM conjoints: imagerie et thérapie par rayonnement (DPMB) - Christopher Bergevin (York University) (until 4:45 PM) (Botterell B143)
3:30 PM 3D ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging for prostate tumour-targeted high-dose-rate brachytherapy - Mr W. Thomas Hrinivich (Western University)   (Botterell B143)
4:00 PM Gold Nanoparticles for advanced Prostate Cancer Brachytherapy - Prof. Marc-André Fortin (Université Laval)   (Botterell B143)
3:30 PM
W4-5 Physics in Mining, a Career Perspective and Technology (DIMP/DIAP) | La physique dans l'exploitation minière: perspective de carrière et technologie (DPIM/DPIA) - Daniel Cluff (until 5:00 PM) (Botterell B147)
3:30 PM Physics in Mining, a Career Perspective. - Dr Daniel Cluff (Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter,)   (Botterell B147)
4:00 PM The Implications of Introducing Cryogenic Technologies to Mining Projects. - Dr Daniel Cluff (CanMIND Associates)   (Botterell B147)
4:30 PM Battling the Fundamental Forces of the Universe - Douglas Morrison (Ultra-Deep Mining Network)   (Botterell B147)
3:30 PM
W4-6 Lab Revitalization (DPE) | Revitalisation de laboratoires (DEP) - Darla Ahrensmeier (Simon Fraser University) (until 4:45 PM) (BioSci 1120)
3:30 PM Evaluation of student learning from a design activity in a physics laboratory course - Dr Bei Cai (Queen's University)   (BioSci 1120)
3:45 PM Teaching Critical Thinking in a First Year Physics Lab - Prof. Doug Bonn (University of British Columbia, Department of Physics & Astronomy)   (BioSci 1120)
4:15 PM Physics advanced laboratory designed for engaged learning experiences - Etienne Rollin (Carleton University)   (BioSci 1120)
4:30 PM Teaching data analysis in the Undergraduate Physics Laboratory - Dr Natalia Krasnopolskaia (University of Toronto)   (BioSci 1120)
5:00 PM
W-PLEN1 The American Physical Society and Electrons: Interesting Correlations -Prof. Richard MacKenzie (CAP President) (until 5:30 PM) (BioSci 1101)
5:30 PM
W-PLEN2 Plenary Session | Session Plénière - Cécile Fradin, McMaster University | Université McMaster - Christopher Bergevin (York University) (until 6:00 PM) (BioSci 1101)
5:30 PM On the importance of diffusion in biological systems - Dr Cécile Fradin (McMaster University)   (BioSci 1101)
6:00 PM
DAMOPC Poster Session | Session d'affiches DPAMPC (14) - Paul Barclay (University of Calgary) (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM POS-1 - N(2P) Production in electron-N2 Collisions. - Mr Jeffery Dech (University of Windsor)   ()
6:02 PM POS-2 - Loading laser-cooled atoms into a cavity formed by a hollow-core fiber capped with a pair of dielectric metasurfaces - Mr Sai Sreesh Venuturumilli (University of Waterloo)   ()
6:04 PM POS-3 **WITHDRAWN**- On The Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Two Ruthenium-Bearing Molecules: RuX (X=F, Cl) - Mr Hanif Zarringhalam (Dept. of Physics, University of New Brunswick)   ()
6:06 PM POS-4 - Cross-phase modulation with laser cooled atoms confined inside a hollow-core fiber - Cameron Vickers (University of Waterloo)   ()
6:10 PM POS-5 - Generating Squeezed Thermal States via Parametric Down Conversion in Lossy Cavities - Hossein Seifoory (Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON K7L 3N6, Canada)   ()
6:12 PM POS-6 - Quantum repeaters with single rare-earth ions in telecommunication wavelengths - Ms Faezeh Kimiaee Asadi (Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, University of Calgary)   ()
6:14 PM POS-7 - Relativistic Corrections to Nonrelativistic Electric Dipole Transitions - Ms Maha Sami (University of Windsor) Mr Daniel Venn (University of Windsor)   ()
6:16 PM POS-8 - Arduino-controlled triple-grating high-resolution spectrometer - Mr Jiawei Qiu (IQC, University of Waterloo)   ()
6:18 PM POS-9 - Polaron master equation theory of an on-demand quantum dot single-photon source through cavity-assisted stimulated adiabatic Raman passage (STIRAP) - Chris Gustin (Queen's University, )   ()
6:20 PM POS-10 - Radio-frequency ion trap with an integrated optical cavity - Mr Turner Silverthorne (IQC, University of Waterloo)   ()
6:22 PM POS-11 - Metals for Induced Transmission Optical Filters - Prof. Scott Teare (New Mexico Tech)   ()
6:24 PM POS-12 - Visualization of state determination via weak measurements - Dr Igor Ivanovic (Physics Department, Carleton University)   ()
6:26 PM POS-13 - Application of coupled mode theory to phase-shift and intensity measurements in optical microresonators - Dr Jack Barnes (Queen's University, Dept. of Chemistry)   ()
6:30 PM POS-14 - Nano-antenna fabrication through porous anodic alumina template - Mr Fathi Souissi (Queen's university)   ()
6:00 PM
DASP Poster Session | Session d'affiches DPAE (3) - Johnathan Burchill (University of Calgary) (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM POS-15 - Spatial correlation of auroral zone geomagnetic variations - Brian Jackel (University of Calgary)   ()
6:02 PM POS-16 - Along-track ion flow estimates from Swarm Langmuir probes - Johnathan Burchill (University of Calgary)   ()
6:04 PM --- POS-17 by de Boer - moved to oral session W1-2 ---
6:06 PM POS-18 - An e-POP multi-instrument study of a stable double-arc - Dr Gordon James (University of Calgary)   ()
6:00 PM
DCMMP Poster Session | Session d'affiches DPMCM (9) - Graeme Luke (McMaster University) (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM POS-19 - A DFT Investigation of Conjugated Polymers/Oligomers and Fullerenes Interactions in Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells - Sarah Ayoub (Memorial University) Jolanta Lagowski (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   ()
6:02 PM POS-20 - Visualizing in situ Electrochemical Doping in Luminescent Conjugated Polymers - Mr Shiyu Hu   ()
6:04 PM POS-21 - The determination of GaAs phononic crystal waveguide SAW mode frequencies - Mr Edward Muzar (Queen's University)   ()
6:06 PM POS-22 - Perovskite Solar Cells Fabricated with Various Buffer Layers: Relationship Between Carrier Lifetime and Observed J-V Hysteresis - Mr William Elcock (Graduate Student, University of Saskatchewan)   ()
6:08 PM POS-23 - Spin current transport in Ta: FMR studies in py/Ta and py/Ta/py/Fe structures prepared by sputtering - Prof. Erol Girt (Simon Fraser University)   ()
6:10 PM POS-24 - Periodic Squeezing in a Polariton Josephson Junction - Dr Mitchell D. Anderson (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)   ()
6:12 PM POS-45 - Entanglement Structure of the One and Two-Channel Kondo Model - Erik Sorensen (McMaster University)   ()
6:14 PM POS-47 - Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Designed for Nano-MRI Imaging - Mrs Razieh Annabestani (Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo)   ()
6:16 PM POS-51 - Light-soaking effects on Organic Semiconductor-based diodes - Mr Sanyasi Rao Bobbara (Queen's University)   ()
6:00 PM
DHP Poster Session | Session d'affiches DHP (0) - Louis Marchildon (Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres) (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM
DIAP Poster Session | Session d'affiches DPIA (2) - René Roy (Université Laval) (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM POS-25 - Progress on Muon Tomography for nuclear security and safeguards - Andrew Erlandson (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories)   ()
6:02 PM POS-44 - Synthesis Strategies for Nanostructured Allotropes of Carbon - Dr A. Sarkissian (Plasmionique Inc)   ()
6:00 PM
DIMP Poster Session | Session d'affiches DPIM (1) - Kirk Michaelian (Natural Resources Canada) (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM POS-26 - Internal Backgrounds in Water Phase of SNO+ - Ian Lam (Queens University)   ()
6:00 PM
DNP Poster Session | Session d'affiches DPN (0) - Reiner Kruecken (TRIUMF) (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM
DPE Poster Session | Session d'affiches DPE (0) - Martin Williams (University of Guelph) (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM
DPMB Poster Session | Session d'affiches DPMB (6) - Christopher Bergevin (York University) (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM POS-27 - $^2$H NMR studies of bacterial membrane perturbation by antimicrobial polypeptides - Dr Michael R. Morrow (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   ()
6:02 PM POS-28 - A “two-peak” pattern observed in the high-frequency neural oscillations of a weakly electric fish - Ms Amina Berrada (University of Ottawa)   ()
6:04 PM POS-29 - Impact of Insertion and Deletion Mutations on Protein Thermodynamics - Ryan Wilkins (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   ()
6:06 PM POS-30 - Broadband Vibration Detection in Tissue Phantoms using a Fiber Fabry-Perot Cavity - SIJIA LI (Queens's University)   ()
6:10 PM POS-31 - Characterization and evaluation of femtosecond laser-induced periodic surface structure with different periodicities on titanium to improve osseointegration of dental and orthopedic implants - Ms Hourieh Exir (University of Ottawa)   ()
6:12 PM POS-32 - Giant Axonal Neuropathy alters the structure of keratin intermediate filaments in human hair - Ms Asfia Soomro (McMaster University )   ()
6:00 PM
DPP Poster Session | Session d'affiches DPP (1) - Lora Ramunno (University of Ottawa) (until 7:30 PM) (Queen's Athletics & Recreation Centre (ARC))
6:00 PM
DSS Poster Session | Session d'affiches DSS (0) - Steve Patitsas (University of Lethbridge) (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM
DTP Poster Session | Session d'affiches DPT (4) - Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University) (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM POS-34 - Quantum Reference Frames, 1+1 Newtonian Gravity, and Entanglement in a 3-Body System - Jack Davis (University of Waterloo)   ()
6:02 PM WITHDRAWN - POS-35 - Atiyah-Hitchin in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity - Masoud Ghezelbash (University of Saskatchewan)   ()
6:04 PM POS-48 - Effect of chaos on the dynamics of quantum correlations - Ms Meenu Kumari (Graduate Student, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo)   ()
6:06 PM POS-49 - Fourth order superintegrable systems separating in Polar Coordinates - Dr Adrian Escobar (CRM, University of Montreal)   ()
6:08 PM POS-50 - Revisiting the Brans solutions of scalar-tensor gravity - Shawn Belknap-Keet   ()
6:00 PM
PPD Poster Session | Session d'affiches PPD (9) - Steven Robertson (until 7:30 PM) ()
6:00 PM POS-36 - Radon Assays in SNO+ - Ms Pooja Woosaree (Laurentian University)   ()
6:02 PM POS-37 - Process system bursts and cosmic ray muon events in DEAP-3600 - Mr Andrew Erlandson (Carleton University)   ()
6:04 PM POS-38 - Effect of systematics on the KDK experiment - Mr Pierre Squillari (Queen's University)   ()
6:06 PM POS-39 - Radial Fiducialization in CDMSlite - Mr Ryan Underwood (Queen's University)   ()
6:08 PM POS-40 - Position Reconstruction and Monte Carlo Tuning in DEAP-3600 - Carl Rethmeier (Carleton University)   ()
6:10 PM POS-41 - A Study of Radioactive Argon Isotopes in DEAP-3600 - Mr Matthew Dunford (Carleton University)   ()
6:12 PM POS-42 - Acrylic compatibility testing for the SNO+ Experiment - Daniel Bartlett (Queen's University)   ()
6:14 PM POS-43 - A review of statistical methods in the discovery of the Higgs boson at the LHC - Dr Carla Francisco (Université Laval)   ()
6:16 PM POS-46 - SuperCDMS SNOLAB Data Acquisition System - Matthew Wilson (University of Toronto)   ()
6:31 PM POS-33 - Vibration Analysis of a Dry Dilution Refrigerator at the Queen's SuperCDMS Test Facility - Mr Richard Germond (Queen's University)   ()
7:30 PM
CAP Past Presidents' Meeting | Réunion des anciens présidents de l'ACP -Prof. Richard MacKenzie (CAP President) (until 9:30 PM) (BioSci 2111)
7:30 PM
Canada Student-Industry Meet & Mingle | Session de réseautage industrie-étudiants -Mr Christopher Pugh (University of Waterloo/Institute for Quantum Computing) (until 9:30 PM) (BioSci 1101)
7:30 PM
Department Leaders Business Meeting | Réunion d'affaires des directeurs de départements - Donna Strickland (University of Waterloo) (until 9:30 PM) ()
12:30 PM
DHP Annual Meeting / Assemblée annuelle DHP - Louis Marchildon (Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres) (until 1:30 PM) (BioSci 1103)
12:30 PM
DTP Annual Meeting / Assemblée annuelle DPT - Svetlana Barkanova (Acadia University) (until 1:30 PM) (Botterell B139)
12:30 PM --- Lunch in cafeteria / Dîner à la cafeteria (ticket required / billet requis) ---
12:30 PM
WORK2 Commercial Publishers Workshop with MacMillan Publishers - Martin Williams (University of Guelph) (until 1:30 PM) (Botterell B143)
1:30 PM
R3-1 Curriculum Development and Revitalization: Preparing Student for 21st Century Careers (DPE) | Développement et revitalisation des programmes: préparer les étudiants pour une carrière au 21e siècle (DEP) - Martin Williams (University of Guelph) (until 3:00 PM) (BioSci 1102)
1:30 PM Blended Introductory Physics Course for Science Programs: Instructor's Experience of NCAT Redesign - Dr Tetyana Antimirova (Ryerson Univeristy)   (BioSci 1102)
1:45 PM Engaging reflective thinking during an exam: Slowing students down on multiple choice questions increases performance - Joss Ives (Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of British Columbia) Jared Stang (University of British Columbia)   (BioSci 1102)
2:00 PM Requiring a Course on Science Communication at the University of Guelph - Joanne O'Meara (University of Guelph)   (BioSci 1102)
2:30 PM WITHDRAWN - In-class worksheets for 3rd year E&M - Brian Jackel (University of Calgary)   (BioSci 1102)
1:30 PM
R3-2 Ultrafast and Time-Resolved Processes (DAMOPC/DCMMP) | Procédés ultrarapides et résolus dans le temps (DPAMPC/DPMCM) - Marc Dignam (Queen's University) (until 3:00 PM) (BioSci 1103)
1:30 PM Long-lived Spin/Valley Dynamics of Resident Electrons and Holes in Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides - Prof. Luyi Yang (University of Toronto)   (BioSci 1103)
2:00 PM Extracting structural disorder signatures from vibrational spectra using photoacoustic detection - Kristin Poduska (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   (BioSci 1103)
2:15 PM Ultra-short double pulse laser ablation: basic mechanisms and nanoparticle formation - Georg D. Förster (Université de Montréal)   (BioSci 1103)
2:30 PM High Harmonic Generation and XUV Free Induction Decay From Electronic Wavepackets - Mr Samuel Beaulieu (INRS-EMT, Bordeaux University)   (BioSci 1103)
1:30 PM
R3-3 Dark Matter IV (PPD) | Matière sombre IV (PPD) - Steven Robertson (until 3:00 PM) (Botterell B139)
1:30 PM Status of NEWS-G experiment - Dr Gilles Gerbier (Queen's University)   (Botterell B139)
2:00 PM Searching for dark matter with the PICO bubble chambers - Guillaume Giroux (Queen's University)   (Botterell B139)
2:30 PM Quenching measurements for a spherical detector at the COMIMAC facility - Dr Philippe Di Stefano (Queen's University)   (Botterell B139)
2:45 PM Recent Results from IceCube - Christopher Weaver   (Botterell B139)
1:30 PM
R3-4 Testing Fundamental Symmetries III (DNP/PPD/DTP) | Tests de symétries fondamentales III (DPN/PPD/DPT) - Wolfgang Rau (Queen's University) (until 3:00 PM) (Botterell B143)
1:30 PM The new ultracold neutron facility at TRIUMF - Dr Beatrice Franke (TRIUMF)   (Botterell B143)
2:00 PM Construction and Commissioning of the Beamline for the UCN Source at TRIUMF - Thomas Lindner (TRIUMF)   (Botterell B143)
2:15 PM Status of the Superfluid Helium UCN Source at TRIUMF - Dr Ryohei Matsumiya (RCNP, Osaka University)   (Botterell B143)
2:30 PM Implementation of “Salting” as Blinding Scheme for CDMSlite - Xiaohe Zhang (Queen's University)   (Botterell B143)
2:45 PM Updates from the SNOLAB - Dr Erica Caden (SNOLAB)   (Botterell B143)
3:00 PM --- Health Break | Pause santé ---
3:30 PM
R-PLEN1 CAP Best Student Presentations Final Competition / Compétition finale de l'ACP pour les meilleures communications étudiantes - Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University) (until 5:30 PM) (BioSci 1101)
3:30 PM --- The effect of high latitude distorted ion velocity distributions on radar and satellite observations; Lindsay Goodwin, U.Sask. ---
3:45 PM --- Superfluid black holes; Robie Heningar, U.Waterloo ---
4:00 PM --- Partitioning of Caffeine in Lipid Bilayers Reduces Membrane Fluidity and Increases Membrane Thickness; Andrew Khondker, McMaster U. ---
4:15 PM --- Detecting Antineutrinos Using the SNO+ Detector; Pawel Mekarski, U. Alberta ---
4:30 PM --- Microwave spectroscopy of antihydrogen as a test of CPT symmetry; Justine Joyce Munich, SFU ---
4:45 PM --- Rearrangement of 2D clusters of droplets under compression: transition from crystal to glass; Jean-Christophe Ono-dit-Biot, McMaster U. ---
5:00 PM --- Airborne Demonstration of a Quantum Key Distribution Receiver Payload; C. Pugh, U.Waterloo ---
5:30 PM
R-PLEN2 Plenary Session | Session Plénière - Chris Quigg, Fermilab - Christine Kraus (until 6:00 PM) (BioSci 1101)
5:30 PM Perspectives and Prospects for Particle Physics - Prof. Chris Quigg (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   (BioSci 1101)
6:00 PM
Award Ceremony / Cérémonie de reconnaissance -Prof. Richard MacKenzie (CAP President) (until 6:45 PM) (BioSci 1101)
6:45 PM
Bus to Congress Dinner / Autobus vers le Dîner du Congrès (until 7:15 PM) (BioSciences Main Entrance)
7:15 PM
Congress Dinner at Fort Henry (until 9:15 PM) ()
2:00 PM
Meeting of Local Organizing Committees 2017, 2018 + / Réunion des comites organisateurs locaux 2017, 2018 + - Bruce Gaulin (McMaster University) Francine Ford (Canadian Association of Physicists) (until 3:15 PM) (New Medical Building)